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Sun May 03, 2015 at 04:06 PM PDT

DK Quilt Guild: Photo Diary

by winifred3

DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
These photos are from the Sinnissippi Quilters Guild's biannual quilt show.  I have been a member of this quilt guild for the last 1.5 years.  It is a fairly large guild with about 230 members.  The theme for this year's show was the Art of Collaboration.

Also at this quilt show was the Wicked Quilts Challenge, which you are not allowed to take pictures. All the quilts are done in black and green and should focus on the play Wicked.  There were some interesting quilts there.

The main problem with this diary is that I had to make choices of which to show here.  There were over 100 quilts.  This is just a sampling.

I hope you enjoy this photo journey as much as I enjoyed the quilt show.

It begins below the orange squiggle.

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Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Sara R

TrueBlueMajority's quilt

It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently.

UPDATE: The situation is dire.  CelticLassie's brother and sister-in-law are on their way.  When they arrive and all the tests are back, hospice will be consulted and decisions made.  We will pull out all the stops to get this quilt done and will need the messages ASAP.
A little backstory: CelticLassie survived cancer as an infant.  Otteray Scribe and his wife (a nurse) adopted her from St. Jude's, determined to save her life.  They lovingly nursed her to health with great success.  Up until now, she's had a very active and happy life.  But the monster (cancer) appears to be back.  Since Christmas, CelticLassie has had some trouble walking and has been in pain.  A few days ago, she fell and broke her hip.   When the hip was imaged, a huge pelvic mass was found.  The doctors think the mass has weakened her bones, thus the fracture.  It is also pressing on other parts.  Long story short, CelticLassie is in agony and is likely to be in the hospital for an extended period.  We are going to make a community quilt to support her spirit through this ordeal and would welcome loving messages from you for her.

Clinic 1989
CelticLassie with her new big sister and mama

1st day B&W
CelticLassie's first day home, here with her father

As you will see below, she grew into a strong and lovely young woman with an infectious smile, a spirit for adventure, and a deep love of her family's Scottish heritage.  She is an accomplished piper, too -- not easy!  Some more photos below the orange cloud...

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Reposted from Community Fundraisers by JekyllnHyde

I am joining Most Awesome Nana and several others in the Community Fundraisers group in strongly supporting this community effort for elenacarlena.  Ever since she joined Daily Kos, Elena has been a strong and regular presence while participating very widely and quickly becoming a valued community member.  As an example of this commitment, we have worked closely together (along with JoanMar, 2thanks, Tortmaster, and others) behind the scenes for the past year in helping to finalize and post weekly diaries on police brutality and Medicaid expansion through the Support the Dream Defenders group.  As you know, she is also a regular diarist for the War on Women diary series.

Please help Elena through this difficult time for her as well as her beloved pooties and woozle.  On behalf of the entire CFs group, thank you.  JekyllnHyde

Welcome everyone to our Derby Day Party!

We are going to have a horse race (also known as the "most exciting two minutes in sports"), a few mint juleps, and a good time raising funds for our fellow Kossack, elenacarlena. Everyone is invited to join us to make a comment, tip, rec, republish, share on Facebook, promote on Twitter, send good vibes, or donate.

Elena is always ready to help others with information, good wishes and when possible, money. But now she is the one who needs help. Many of you read her previous diary and responded with great kindness. Unfortunately, the situation has not yet resolved itself. She still lacks enough funds for her special needs cats.

Please follow me below the bourbon fudge swirl for a few words from Elena.

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DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.

I attended the Amador Valley Quilt Guild Show last weekend, and their featured quilt artist was Rob Appell. Rob has collaborated with the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and has become a youtube favorite. His quilting & sewing tutorials are called Man Sewing. I was able to chat with him at the Quilt Show. Rob was very friendly, and allowed me to take photos of his wonderful quilts. Past the tangled bobbin are some of his quilts and a video or two.

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Reposted from Kitchen Table Kibitzing by Pam from Calif
Table with yellow teapot and cloth embroidered with blue flowers

Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So bring your stories, jokes, photos, funny pics, music, and interesting videos, as well as links—including quotations—to diaries, news stories, and books that you think this community would appreciate. Readers may notice that most who post diaries and comments in this series already know one another to some degree, but newcomers should not feel excluded. We welcome guests at our kitchen table, and hope to make some new friends as well.
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Reposted from Nuz Hounds by Pam from Calif

Animal Nuz has been gracing the pages of Daily Kos now since July 6, 2010 and with 247 episodes in the can, Eric Lewis (ericlewis0) has been hard at work creating spot on commentary cleverly disguised as a Cartoon Strip for about four and a half years now.

For most of that time, he's done so without any compensation. He does receive some remuneration from Daily Kos at this point, but truthfully, pay per episode is quite small (think a modest lunch for one).

I'd like to change that. So early in the month of May this new group Nuz Hounds will be holding a week long Fundraiser Blogathon!

below the fleur-de-kos for more ...

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DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
In my last diary I showed you how to make HSTs for a Split 9 Patch with no raw bias edges.

But you can build on this concept to make other units/blocks.  One of these is the Shaded 4 patch, which with one tweak becomes a Bird in the Air block.  I first learned of this technique from Sally Schneider.  Follow me beyond the orange cheese doodle to see how to make these.

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Reposted from Sara R by Sara R

Sara Reed1401
Meteor Blades' quilt -- CSM's will be in a completely different color palette but the pattern and size of the star will be the same.

We are making a star quilt for Common Sense Mainer, a major project that will take some time, but which will be so fitting for someone who does so much for the community, much of it behind the scenes.  He is a star!  So this is truly the right pattern for him.

The reasons for this quilt are more fully explained in his first quilt diary from last week but in brief, the quilt is for his service to community including his above-and-beyond actions for Cedwyn, and the fact that he has recently had the unfortunate diagnosis of COPD, something that he will live with now for the rest of his life.

The star will have exactly 200 spots for short messages, no more, no less.  Please condense your thoughts to just a line or two.  This photo detail of MB's quilt will give you some idea of how much room there is.

Sara Reed1405

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Sun Apr 12, 2015 at 04:00 PM PDT

DK Quilt Guild: Heartfelt

by Elizaveta

Heartfelt: more than a heart made of felt
The word “heartfelt” has two definitions, says my friend Merriam Webster: 'deeply felt' and 'very sincere.' Handmade gifts, according to me, make use of both definitions with the giver using the latter, the receiver, the former. Follow me below the orange ribbon to see some gifts that touched my heart and were deeply felt.
DK Quilt Guild is a place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, and tips. Quilters here are at many different levels of skill. Beginners and non-quilters are welcome, too.
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Reposted from Onomastic by Pam from Calif

                    photo Cedwyn ImageFromTheMarti_ChildCloudButterfly_zps4uw4hkeo.jpg                                                              [image by TheMarti]

A close friend of Cedwyn's from Portland, Oregon, lovej's, joined the Dkos family to ask for help in passing on some information to all of you to whom Cedwyn mattered. A Memorial Service is going to be held for her on Saturday, May 30, 2015, at Mt. Tabor Park, Portland, Oregon.

More details on the exact meeting spot will be coming soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up now so if any of you do want to attend you can make plans. As it is, I should have posted this sooner for those of you who may want to fly out. I was hoping for more information and waited. My apologies to lovej's and to you for doing so.

All of this feels so surreal, and like many of you, I still can't quite believe that Cedwyn has left us. I am utterly thankful to all of you for your help in making her quilt a reality and getting it to her so quickly, for all your cards and messages to her, for those of you who went to see her and brighten her days, and to lovej's for thinking about this community in the midst of their own sorrow. Your loving thoughts and actions made a profound difference to Cedwyn, her family, and to all of us.

The Memorial Service is going to be an extraordinary celebration of Cedwyn's life, one that will bring tears, laughter, comfort, and thankfulness for having been gifted with such a bright spirit in our midst. I hope that all of you who wish to attend are able to do so and bring back memories to share with the rest of us.  

Love and miss you, Cedwyn

              photo butterflyatsunset_zps3906c5c6.jpg

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Wed Apr 08, 2015 at 11:03 PM PDT

Under Sara's Fingernail

by ruleoflaw

Reposted from ruleoflaw by Sara R

Under Sara's Fingernail

In a box from Portland
across half a continent
care of Sara and Ann, of hands and souls
carrying hope, good, and true
from strange friends, friendly strangers,
opened with feathers and fingertips

Wrapped like an onion
of like minds dissonant,
paper shelled, agreed to differ in layers.
Savor and sob sweet sulphur.
Many voices, much to consider,
makes my heart hurt well.

Mushy legged, fright coughed
needle stuck, copper mouthed man,
duck feet wrapped in the blessings,
gathered, wound, woven, sewn.
Torn is bound, bound is healed
one stitch at a time.

Our divinity dreams our world into being.
Tears of gods stain our pillows.
We rise on the grass of our own gardens.
Wash in the dew of Eden daily born.
Poppies, hops, cabbage and the joy we have planted here
feed others after we have dissolved into eternal rain.

See the creator of the universe.
Look up from the sink.
Look into the eyes of those around us. Love what we see there.
We are forever bone-dust, tears and stray sparks.
If you missed my call, look for me on the nearest leaf,
beside a creaking gate, under the hoof of a she-goat.

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Reposted from Sara R by Sara R

Sara Reed1401
Meteor Blades' quilt -- we would like to make something similar for CSM in a wild and bright color palette

Everybody knows of Common Sense Mainer as Bill in Portland Maine's beloved life partner.  But unless you have been fortunate enough to have met him at a Netroots Nation conference or other meet up, you won't have seen how he lights up a room so that everyone suddenly finds themselves in a good mood.  Michael has that rare gift of quiet efficiency that makes things (social situations, logistics, organization) flow with ease but without being in the forefront, himself.  He is gracious and giving to a fault as well as being a hell of a lot of fun.  

Ann and I want to make a star quilt for CSM to honor him for his huge heart and many contributions to community, especially in light of his role in helping us all feel represented at Cedwyn's bedside.  Like Jotter and Jill Richardson, he traveled a long way to see Cedwyn -- and he picked up ericlewis0 and 4Freedom along the way.  He kept a lot of us, including the quiltmakers, in the loop on Cedwyn's condition, even when his visit was done -- and it was at his insistence that Ann and I got the community quilt to Cedwyn in time for her to enjoy it awhile.  Yes, CSM lit a fire under us, all the way from Portland, ME to Portland OR and we are so grateful for it!  Like many, I really admire CSM for all he did for Cedwyn.  I know it was not easy for someone as sensitive as he to witness the vital and vibrant Cedwyn so physically diminished by mortal illness and yet rise above the shock to cheer her up (which he did, beautifully).  Such things take an emotional toll and you cannot forget them...Ann and I know.

There is another reason we want to make this special quilt for CSM.  He has recently had a diagnosis of COPD, a serious medical condition and something he will live with for the rest of his life.  Now he is on two inhalers and tells me they are not giving the best relief.  Difficulty in drawing breath is a bitter limitation for someone like Michael and is enough to make any bright spirit feel blue.  I don't know if a quilt like this can make breathing easier but, filled with love and light and color as it shall be, it should be an effective antidote for the blues.

So, would you like to leave a short message for CSM to let him know how you love and value him?  We are looking for 200 short messages to make a star.  The messages need to be brief and pithy so they will fit.  See MB's quilt for an example of the size limit:

Sara Reed1405

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