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Another of those seminal moments in American folklore that deserves to be captured in verse.

"The outlook wasn't brilliant for the GOP that night...."

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I've reread this twice now, so I know I'm not seeing things.


Tired, tired, tired of being in the minority in the corporate IT sales office that I work in. I don't typically advertise my political beliefs, but somehow (maybe it was the beers), I've probably let it be known over sometime over the past few years that I'm of the liberal/leftist persuasion and this caught the attention of one particularly irritable Rush Limbaugh dittohead. You might have this situation's one thing that I've found works very well.

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The GOP now claims Jackie Robinson as one of its own. While Jackie Robinson did publicly express support for Governor Nelson Rockefeller and other Republicans, it was not because of party affiliation. This didn't stop another prominent Republican from attempting to present Jackie as the face of a more relevant and tolerant Republican Party.

This was in 1964, as Barry Goldwater campaigned for the Republican Presidential nomination. Jackie was invited to the Republican convention through a special arrangement made by Governor Rockefeller's office. What he saw and experienced there caused him to publicly condemn Goldwater and his party.

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A Democratic President, blindsided by the cynical behavior of a few powerful industry titans acting in opposition to the common good, seizes the bully pulpit and rallies public opinion and congressional action to the cause, resulting in a rare instance of corporate interests bending to the public will.

Sounds too good to be true?

This, of course, was President John F. Kennedy in 1962 reacting to the surprise announcement from U.S. Steel's Chairman, Roger M. Blough, that the company, along with other key producers, intended to raise the price of steel six dollars a ton, not long after Kennedy and Labor Secretary Arthur Goldberg had actively participated in the negotiation of a new labor contract for unionized steelworkers.

The contract had been heralded by the Kennedy administration as an exercise in restraint - "non-inflationary", by both the steelworkers and the top steel companies. Kennedy praised the contract as an example of "industrial statesmanship." No wonder that the President was suddenly furious - his confidence and trust in one of his negotiating partners had been suddenly and markedly betrayed.

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Fri Aug 07, 2009 at 03:46 PM PDT

O'Reilly praises Obama !?!

by PhishRapper

Who knew? Carl M. Cannon on "Politics Daily" has the scoop..."Bill O'Reilly Pens Love Letter to Obama in Parade Magazine"...
..."Bill O'Reilly Pens Love Letter to Obama in Parade Magazine"

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While the hour of Sarah Palin's resignation from office is upon us, it's worthwhile to consider the thoughts and words of another prominent Republican regarding the travails of public service, the importance of thinking before speaking, and the destructive role that character defamation plays in our national discourse.

It is also perhaps well to acknowledge that we, as a nation, have periodically been fortunate witness to an all-too-small number of heroic figures who have at various times staked their reputations and legacies upon their principles, often in the face of organized demagoguery and popular hysteria.

Margaret Chase Smith was a Republican senator from Maine, she served in the senate from 1948-1972 after succeeding her late husband in the House of Representatives. Smith was a moderate fiscal conservative with a keen interest in national defense policy. She was also a stalwart Yankee politician with a strong independent streak who helped to stand down ominous threats to free speech and dissension in her day, who was considered for the national ticket of her party in 1952, bucked party establishment in 1964 by challenging the standard-bearer of the nascent conservative movement for her party's presidential nomination, and asserted her independence to the end of her senate career.

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You could easily pass by Calumet, Michigan, on US highway 41 without much notice. You'd see the red, iron-ore tinted sandstone buildings that look as though they must have been built at significant expense a hundred or so years ago. They are still standing, owing more to the timeless nature of their materials than to any sort of lavish maintenance and upkeep. Industry and commerce, as such, hardly exists here anymore, and there is little to indicate that almost a century ago Calumet was the site of one of the most tragic chapters in the history of the organized labor movement in the United States.

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South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford reversed a long-standing state government executive travel policy last week, by undertaking a six-day trip to Argentina without notifying his family, his staff, or the South Carolina legislature.

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Sat Nov 29, 2008 at 11:25 AM PST

Barack Obama, model conservative.

by PhishRapper

To demonstrate how completely the Republican party has become unmoored from its Conservative anchorings, consider how strongly they campaigned against a candidate who embodied traditional Republican memes of marital fidelity, self-reliance, strong Christian faith, the capacity for effective executive management and organizational skills that would be prized in the private sector, the ability to articulate and sell his ideas in meritocracy of the electoral marketplace, and the emphasizing of self-improvement, accumulation of knowledge and the importance of higher education in that process.

Let's also not forget that mainstream Conservative thinking once placed a premium on knowledge of the Constitution, and would have been elated to have elected a president who was also a Constitutional scholar.

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Fri Nov 28, 2008 at 07:32 PM PST

by PhishRapper

Republicans continue to attempt to explain their repudiation by the American public as something other than what it was; the apparent rejection of a party whose core principles have proven outmoded, ineffective, and ultimately harmful.

As it turns out, though, it's nothing that a couple of well-designed iPhone apps couldn't fix.

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Everything that you need to know about the viability of the Republican party in the age of the netroots is contained within a couple of short paragraphs from Jonathan Martin's politico blog entry of October 28, entitled, "Conservatives plan secret post election strategy session."

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