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Ohai, friends. My cat LuvLee & I have been following the events around the prosecution of cat-murdering, unemployed veterinarian Kristen Lindsey. For backstory, see twitter feed and elenacarlena's diary from last week:

Today's action: Please email the mail DA in Austin Texas at and ask him to bring charges against Kristen Lindsey! More info below the fold, and of course LuvLee says Fanks:

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Ohai, friends - you guys rock! I'm getting really REALLY close There! We have raised the funds necessary to take care of LuvLee's needed dental work and insulin Rx :) This is the same diary I posted yesterday but edited and with an update to keep y'all updated. Many thanks for all your help!

... If you follow the PWB threads, you know I've been working on a nefarious plot to get my 15yo, diabetic kitty to the V-E-T for some needed health care:

LuvLee tells us how she really feels ;)
LuvLee tells us how she really feels about going to the V-E-T

Problem is, going to the V-E-T takes more monies than I have in my pocket, so I'm trying to raise funds to get her there. The pootie, woozle & birdie peeps have been real kind about helping me out, but it's been suggested that maybe a diary before the larger community would be a good idea. So here goes. Follow below the squiggle for info on what I need and how you can help. Kthx!

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Because my really cool handmade scarves, jewelry, journals etc. make great gifts! ♥ Because everything's marked 15% off!! ♥ Because my diabetic pootie needs insulin, and I need funds to buy it!!! ♥ Because everything in my shop is 100% free of Hobby-Lobby products!!!! ♥  Because most of my stuff is ooak (one of a kind) so if you snooze, you lose!!!!! ♥ Because I'll support the U.S. Postal Service by shipping everything via Priority Mail with tracking!!!!!! and did I mention, the funds from this sale at Jan4insight Handmade Gallery on Zibbet will go for insulin & vet care for my pootie! I'll explain these points below the orange swooshy thing.


I like shopping early at Jan4insight Handmade Gallery because:

18%4 votes
0%0 votes
36%8 votes
31%7 votes
9%2 votes
4%1 votes

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Short diary - but I had this idea that I wanted to share. There's been calls for boycotting Hobby Lobby, I certainly haven't shopped there since this all began, discussions here about where else to get craft supplies (Michael's, Joann, Hancock fabrics, ebay, Etsy, Zibbet, Amazon, etc) - and I thought, well maybe my customers would like to know that when they buy finished products from me, they are not even indirectly supporting Hobby Lobby!

So I put a statement at the front of my Zibbet store that says:

* I do not purchase from or support Hobby Lobby *
Here's what it looks like in the shop: (shameless plug, lol).

I'm rushed now but later today I'll do the same with my Etsy shop. And I'll also post it on my website/blog, my twitter account, Facebook page, etc.

I'm just saying, that's what I'm doing. But if you have an online store, and I know lots of us crafty Kossacks do, you could do it, too.

CAVEAT: I'm not enough conversant with the TOUs for sites like Etsy or Zibbet to know how they would feel about posting a potentially "political" statement in a shop announcement.  If a statement gets really controversial, you might be asked to take it down. I dunno. I deliberately phrased mine as a personal preference, rather than urging boycott. If I get asked to remove it I will. But on my website, I'll come out in full force!

Hope you like this idea.

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Just wanted to get your attention - I found this on Twitter with a note that is probably a first, so I clicked over and I'm watching with great fascination. A few minutes ago, the announcer listed the order of dances as the President enters and the program proceeds. So there is more dancing to come, plus remarks by Pres. Obama. Watch live here:

<!-- LIVE CHAT -->

<!-- END LIVE CHAT -->

Is this your first time watching Pow Wow dances?

15%6 votes
81%31 votes
2%1 votes

| 38 votes | Vote | Results

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The pictures on my Twitter feed are mind boggling:

Heavy rains beginning earlier the week have triggered enormous floods, many landslides, massive power outages and stranded populations in Serbia and Bosnia-Hersegovina. Today the flooding spread to parts of Croatia, which so far has been relatively unaffected and in fact was one of the first countries to send help.

 More pictures and news links below the fold.

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Reported today by KOAT news in Albuquerque (warning - autoplay video at link):

45 takeaways from the final Mason Campbell report

I haven't seen this reported anywhere else today, and in fact I don't recall seeing anything like it in the aftermath of previous school shootings. Quoting from the intro to the KOAT story:

ROSWELL, N.M. —One (sic) Jan. 14, shots were fired at the Berrendo Middle School in Roswell. Two students and a faculty member were struck by bullets.

Mason Campbell was the one who fired in the gymnasium that day, and a final report on the case was released Thursday.

He was recently found competent to stand trial.

Here are 45 takeaways from the report, including the interview with a woman who said Campbell told her exactly what he planned to do in a store the night before the shooting.

More below the fold - including a summary of his pre-crime confession to a complete stranger the day before the shooting.
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Haven't seen this diaried yet, so here goes: PNNM EXCLUSIVE: Koch Brothers to Shut Down NM Operations Ahead of 2014 Election

Lede from the linked article:

ALBUQUERQUE – A new ProgressNow New Mexico investigation has discovered that only a little over a year after setting up shop in our state Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the far-right special interest front group bankrolled by the Koch brothers, is saying “adios” to the Land of Enchantment.

Pam Wolfe, AFP’s Field Representative in New Mexico, confirmed late last week that AFP was in fact “reallocating their resources elsewhere” and will no longer have any “boots on the ground” in New Mexico.

More below the fold.
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For the the third day in a row, 300,000 West Virginia citizens are unable to use their water because of a chemical spill that occurred on Thursday.

A press conference was held earlier this afternoon:

I'ma post a few more links below the fold, and then let you folks have at it. I don't have time to moderate a diary today, but f'r heavens sake - will somebody please take this on, will the rest of you PAY ATTENTION! Pretty please ...


I give a shit about West Virginia's water crisis

93%121 votes
6%9 votes

| 130 votes | Vote | Results

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The train derailment occurred earlier this afternoon, but with the shift in wind the entire town is being evacuated right now. Reports say that one of the train's crew members suffered second degree burns before getting to safety. I'm posting this as a quick diary to get the word out. If anyone has more pertinent, local info, please post in the comments. One news link is here:

Twitter feed is here:

I will post some twitter pictures below the fold.

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Short diary, but this is just making the news:

Claire Davis dies from injuries in Arapahoe High School shooting - The Denver Post

She's been in a coma since she was shot on December 13. The news of her death has just been posted. She was 17.

Those of you who have teenagers - well, really, any child you're close to - may want to be extra supportive to them tonight. From what I'm seeing on Twitter, a lot of teens have been following this and the news is hitting them hard.

Condolences to Claire's family and friends.

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It's hard to keep track of all the Important Shopping Days this time of year, but this Monday before Thanksgiving is now known as Handmade Monday - or maybe it's Indie Monday, but whatevah it's a good day for me to launch my pre-holiday sale at Jan4insight Handmade Gallery on Zibbet!

Support your local crafter - shop handmade at

Below the fold you'll find out what I offer and how your purchase helps me take care of my 14-year-old diabetic (but still purty spunky) pootie, LuvLee ~

LuvLee testing new camera 111413-002


What do you think of Handmade Monday/Indie Monday?

53%17 votes
15%5 votes
18%6 votes
3%1 votes
0%0 votes
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9%3 votes

| 32 votes | Vote | Results

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