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Your generous help took Itzl from walking like this


and this


on a painful but ultimately successful journey.

The night before his surgery, he took his BFF out for BBQ on one of his gift cards.


Then he went here

The Clinic

and spent some time being disapproving of barking dogs while waiting for his surgery.

Itzl Waiting

He was taken back to surgery by a friendly vet tech,

Nurse Jenny taking Itzl for Surgery

shaved and prepped

Surgery 011

operated on

Prepped For Surgery

and then brought out to me all bleary and doped up, a successful operation.


But things went wrong and he received an accidental overdose of metacam, which meant a tense few days in the vet ICU, waiting to see if he'd be damaged by the overdose.

He was a good sport about most of it.


Getting to go home and sit in his monkeybed was almost the highlight of his day.

Monkey Bed!

The highlight was knowing his BFF Xoco was there to watch over him,

Xoco checking on Itzl

and be silly with him.

Xoco Being Cute

He was glad to get back to work, even if he was still a little too dopey to fully alert.

Conserving Energy

He learned to walk in the water treadmill

Water Treadmill

Water Treadmill

and eventually to like it.

Enjoying a Wet Walk

He learned to stand on a balance board

Balance Board

and conquer it like a champ.

Balance Boarding

He learned to prance on all four legs again

four legged strut

And thanks to all the wonderful people at DKos who helped heal this injured little dog, he's back on the job, alerting me to sounds I need to know about.

Don't you love that serious little "are you listening to me" face?


Originally posted to Noddy and Itzl on Tue Mar 13, 2012 at 10:50 AM PDT.

Also republished by PWB Peeps and Pink Clubhouse.

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