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Twenty three states in the United States of America don't give a damn about the working people living within them. And Republicans in those states are snuffing out labor with so-called right-to-work laws.

Michigan would make No. 24 in this country, a country built and protected by labor.

There have been many articles written already about the damage being done by right-to-work laws and who is funding/pushing their passage.

I want to express my opinions, facts and convictions from my perspective: A southern union member living in South Carolina, a labeled right-to-work state.

South Carolina, along with the majority of these RTW states, is Republican and in the south. They famous for owning people as slaves. Now, they want to be famous in creating another slave class of people.

South Carolina isn't Michigan. We have single-digit union membership. However, our state passed the dark-aged law way before Michigan thought of it.

Republicans are bought by corporations. They are financed by corporations. And, when these Republicans who are owned by corporations win, the people who bankrolled them want to be protected in return - from working people.


Because working people have such crazy-minded thoughts, you know?

They think about a fair, decent, living wage. They often have thoughts about a job which provides great health care and a good pension. They are also caught thinking about job security and their safety while performing the work they do.

Hogwash, isn't it. In South Carolina, Republicans told such working people to quit thinking and just do as your told or you'll be fired - no matter what - when they passed the right-to-work law.

Right to work...

We all have a right to work, however, when Republicans control the information stream i.e. the corporate media you'll get what you need to know and that's it.

Unions have always been snubbed in South Carolina. Why? Because they fight for the rights of the working people. It seems the corporations in the south still see themselves as "owners" of those working.

I suppose the Emancipation Proclamation was either not taught after a certain time period or just never made the news in these RTW states down south.

The conservative movement is bought and paid for by fat cats. They despise working people, unions and any person who doesn't have a few hundred thousand to throw around.

So, they threw their money around to frame a brainwashing - mind numbing - message to convince people to bury their own principles and ethics and replace them with new, shiny, clean principles being spoken with a smile and a Bible.

And with that, one by one, working people forgo their needs and support rich people's wants.

I am a union member. A proud union member.

There are union members who vote against themselves here. I know quite a few. It's really sad they are part of the problem.

And what's sadder is they are politely fooled by calming political speech all the while being screwed by them when they formulate laws like right to work.

If people were told what the law really meant, it would never fly. It's a freeloader law.

If I pay union dues in South Carolina in a union shop and have a nonunion employee beside me, he gets the same protection without paying for it. That's right to work.

If two people lived in one house, one paid the rent and the other didn't, do you think they should enjoy all the benefits in that house? Do you think when the rent bill comes due, you should pay for him/her when they work at the job you do?

I didn't think so.

Unions don't operate with a fairy tale budget. They need money to operate. What better way to kill off labor than defund them. Republicans do this all the time. They defund public education, Medicaid, etc. Find ways to take the money away and they'll die.

So, it is only fitting they pass laws where unions have to carry others without them contributing to their protection so unions have to fit bills with limited funds... eventually extinguishing the flame of labor.

And labor supports who exactly?

That's right... not Republicans.

So, they don't give a damn about working people. Never will. They do not want any organization to live that supports middle class working people. It hurts their campaign fundraisers.


South Carolina Republicans did a fine job in oppressing the working people with their RTW law. Hardly a fight, and nothing comparable to what was seen in Wisconsin and Michigan in defense of labor.

It's because, again, the message is finely crafted - for them, by corporations - to convince working people unions do nothing for you but elect gays, non Christians and, yes, black people.

Republicans in these RTW states do not give a damn about working people, their families or their union jobs. They want all people poor and enslaved.

People who know me know I don't bite my tongue. They also know I am passionate in my defense of labor, the common good for all and the people who need a comeback in America.


Twenty four states will be RTW soon. That's almost have the United States, friends.

If there was ever a time to fight for labor, its principles, its history, its future and beyond... the time is now.

2:51 PM PT: For more on right to work, visit here:

For more on hire and fire, visit here:

Originally posted to Jamie Sanderson on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 02:44 PM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.


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