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Who you gonna believe, this guy, or Fox News?
Tricking the lowest common denominator of white people into blaming Taxes, Government and brown people for their low paycheck.

This is what the Oligarchy has done since before the Great Depression. This is how they fought labor unions then, and it is how they fight workers rights today.

Tricking white people into blaming brown people, socialism and government conspiracies for all the misery rich white people are causing them has never been easier in the era of Fox News. Every time a Republican blames socialism for his woes Roger Ailes celebrates by eating one of those wriggling things Jabba the Hut keeps in a jar near his throne.

And yes, I understand the irony of a white guy posting an angry rant while invoking MLK, but I am the child of people who stood with MLK in spirit then and today I proudly stand against the same "right to work" bullshit that MLK was against almost 50 years ago. The same people who called MLK a commie then are calling Obama a commie today. Divide and Conquer. Anyone who disagrees with their supply side sophistry is a commie who wants to give lazy welfare queens free cell phones. Once you go Southern Strategy, once you go hating black, you never go back.

Divide and Conquer. That's what David Koch's meatpuppet Scott Walker called it.

Mitt Romney lost because he was a rich guy who openly planned to rob the working class with his trusted conservative Fox News David Koch approved sidekick, Granny McStarverton. The only people who didn't know this were Republicans. Republicans who watch Fox News. Since Republicans couldn't win on their open shock doctrine of lies, racist dogwhistles and furiously etch and sketching their candidate they have now opted for the only thing they are still good at, hijacking America.

Republicans lost and we need to start rubbing it in their faces. Their ideas have FAILED. Repeatedly. Letting Republicans pretend George W. Bush never happened is hurting our country. Giving these liars legitimacy only encourages them to lie more. That said, in the spirit of honesty, let me just say it. Every Republican I have ever met is a scab for the Oligarchy.

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If you voted for Mitt Romney and before him McCain/Palin, if you voted for Bush Jr twice then you are the cause of your own misery. If you voted for any of these shit GOP Governors like Scott Walker, Rick Snyder or Rick Scott than you don't get to bitch when your state goes to shit and your paycheck stagnates and gets smaller. You voted for Murdoch/Koch. This is what happens when you vote for evil billionaires who plan to fleece you. Obama ran on hope, Republicans ran on hate, lies, math that doesn't add up and selective amnesia. The worst part, Republicans aren't even mad that the middle class has been destroyed or that their quality of life has gotten worse, they are too busy fighting the War on Christmas which wasn't started by George W. Bush and therefore deserves endless coverage.

If you vote Republican you don't get to complain about what happened to our jobs. YOU happened to our jobs, you keep falling for the Mitt Romney's of the world, you keep voting for this union-busting bullshit and you have yet to figure out that the rich dick who hates poor black people hates you too, dumbass. Being Republican doesn't make you less poor, yet being Republican means rich people can tell you and the other 47% of America to go fuck themselves and you will be too stupid to know they are talking to you because you are a Republican. And what is the Republican party today other than the wealthiest 400 families in America and the least informed, whitest, most reality adverse base of knuckle dragging Neanderthals since that time Mr. Slate tricked Barney Rubble and the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge # 26 into running him for Mayor of Bedrock.

You wanna know where our jobs went. Look at Mitt Romney. You voted for him, dumbass. Those jobs went overseas, where Mitt Romney keeps his money.

Wanna know where our deficit came from, look at Paul Ryan. He built that. He voted for every major driver of our deficit when George Bush's idiot son was President and you didn't give a flying fuck because you are a fiscal conservative, and that apparently means white people who only care about spending and deficits when Democrats are in power. Just don't look directly into Paul Ryan's eyes or the demon he is harboring will eat your soul too.

Oh the outrage, the outrage of living in a world that extremist Republican ideas have destroyed. Well, that is what happens when you destroy the New Deal, that thing that created the middle class. Republicans are the idiot who picks at a dam and then looks shocked when it leaks, bursts and floods his valley, and Fox News and their closed circuit corporate media echo chamber have done everything they can to convince the lowest common denominator of white people that the problem with America is lazy, greedy poor people who want socialism.

This is what happens when you tear down the New Deal, you create economic disasters. This is what happens when all your ideas have one purpose, to make rich people richer at the expense of everyone else.

I understand why rich people vote for that. I understand why Mitt Romney is a Republican, it's because the Republican party is a scam where rich white people and poor white people work together to rob poor people and hate their perceived common enemies. I understand why that works for Mitt Romney and his multi-millionaire friends, they are greedy and evil. What I don't understand is what non-rich Republicans get out of it.

Republicans are the cause of their own misery. They shun facts and prefer to curse the darkness, and as the crooks they voted for destroy the last few vestiges of the middle class they stick to the only thing they are good at, blaming poor people. The problem for many Republican idiots is that they are poor people. Self hating white people who would rather hate poor brown people than admit that they are poor too. The Republican party is a confederacy of dunces and every Republican is a scab for the Oligarchy unless they are an Oligarch themselves.

Rant off



A hat tip to the Kossack who has the title to this diary in their sig line, you were my inspiration for the day and I award you 1000 internets.

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 09:22 AM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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