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One of the best parts of the initial roll out of the Affordable Care Act this week has been the discovery of those who opposed the law - or those who just heard negative things about it - finding just how much they stand to benefit from its implementation.

Franci from Connecticut, via our Facebook page, brings us this great story:

I took my Republican brother in for surgery recently. When he came back from the recovery room, we were watching President Obama speak on the news about the shutdown and the need for Affordable Care Act.

My still-groggy brother starts spouting Fox News talking points about how he is never going to be forced to buy health insurance and how he would much rather pay the fine! Luckily, I had some empathy for the pain he was in so I didn't rip his head off as I explained to him that the surgery he just had was courtesy of Obamacare! He said that couldn't be because the ACA had not yet gone into effect.

He has been unemployed/underemployed since the recession hit. Because of the ACA, our state of Connecticut expanded access to Medicaid, which allowed my brother to have the surgery he has needed for years. Since he was a captive audience, I took an hour to explain all the parts of the law that have gone into effect over the last few years, what changes are still to come, how the law affects me personally and how the ACA affects my small business.

I’m sure his Fox News brain was ready to explode after that explanation. On the other hand, he had enough sedation that he may not remember the whole conversation as he returns to his tiny Fox News world!

Despite the tantrums of Congress and the misinformation on TV and radio, Working America is determined to make sure that working people get all they can from the Affordable Care Act. To learn more, visit

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