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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday April 17, 1904
From the San Francisco Chronicle: Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Moyer Case

Charles Moyer, President WFM
Charles Moyer
President of the Western Federation of Miners
The Moyer Case will be heard before the Colorado Supreme Court on Thursday. General Bell states that only on direct orders from Governor Peabody will Moyer be brought before the Court:
Attorney-General of Colorado Sure That Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Thursday

DENVER, April 16.-Attorney General Miller is authority for the statement that Charles H. Moyer, president of the Western Federation of Miners, will be produced before the Supreme Court next Thursday in accordance with the writ of habeas corpus issued by that body. He will be brought from Telluride in custody of the military authorities, by whom he was imprisoned, and their attorneys will resist any motion for his release on bail pending a decision on the questions involved in his case.

Both sides profess to be desirous of obtaining from the Supreme Court a decision as to the rights of the Governor to declare martial law, imprison and deport citizens without warrant and disregard writs of the District Courts, as has been done during the past six months in Teller, San Miguel and Las Animas counties.

"There will be no difficulty or delay interposed upon the part of the militia which will hinder the production of Mr. Moyer before the Supreme Court," said Governor Peabody to-day. "I shall be very glad to get an opinion of the Supreme Court if it will in any way hasten the settlement of all the contentions now disturbing the business and welfare of the State."

General Bell said to-day: "There is only one way for Moyer to be released by me and get out of my custody, and that is by an executive order of the Governor. When the Governor issues an order directing me to release Moyer I will do so, and not until then, courts to the contrary notwithstanding. The military cannot be interfered with in their operation by the civil courts, and Moyer will not be presented to the Supreme Court next Thursday, or elsewhere, unless by executive order."

A telegram received to-day from Ouray, Col, said that the referendum vote of the members of the Western Federation of Miners had resulted in favor of postponing the annual convention of the organization. W. D. Haywood, secretary of the federation, would not discuss the matter further than to say that the convention would not be held until President Moyer is released.

Moyer is quoted in a dispatch to the Times to-day as saying that the convention will probably be held at Butte May 27th. Mr. Moyer said there probably would be a contest over the question of moving the headquarters from Denver to Butte.

Moyer has been a prisoner in the City Jail at Telluride since March 27th. He is taken out to the hotel for his meals. A severe cold that developed into acute bronchial trouble is the only physical ailment from which he suffers. Close confinement in the damp stone building has aggravated the throat trouble to such an extent that he speaks with difficulty.

San Francisco Chronicle
(San Francisco, California)
-of Apr 17, 1904

The Cripple Creek Strike
-by Emma F Langdon
(Part I, 1st pub 1904)
NY, 1969

Photo: Charles Moyer, President of the Western Federation of Miners


Friday April 17, 1914
Denver, Colorado - Mother Jones Is Free! Arrived in Denver Yesterday

Mother Jones
Mother Jones
Miner's Angel
Mother Jones is in Denver today after her release yesterday from the cold damp cellar cell which served as the Military Bastille in Walsenburg. Newspapers around the country are reporting the news. The El Paso Herald, last evening, reported that she was released in the morning. We would point out, however, that the cellar cell where she was held for 26 days was hardly a "hospital ward." It is, in fact, the same cold damp cell which claimed the life of striker Kostas Markos earlier this year. From the Herald:


Woman Leader Plans Talks First and Then Trip to Tell President.

Walsenburg, Colo., April 16.-"Mother" Mary Jones, who has been a military prisoner in the hospital ward of the county jail since March 22, was released this morning upon orders of Gen. John Chase. The aged strike leader was offered transportation to any point in the state, but the offer was refused.

The appearance of "Mother" Jones at the door of the jail was the signal for a demonstration by a large crowd of strikers and the strike sympathizers that had gathered in anticipation of her release. The aged leader appeared in good health and declared she was feeling well.

Will Lay Woes Before Wilson.

"Mother" Jones was escorted to union headquarters, where she conferred with a number of strike leaders. She announced her intention of speaking at a mass meeting late today after which she plans to go to Trinidad and speak. Later she intends to go to Washington.

"Mother" Jones said:

You'll know soon enough why I go to Washington.
Later she intimated that she proposed to tell the story of her experiences in the Colorado coal strike to president Wilson and to the congressional strike investigating committee.
From today's edition of The San Bernardino County Sun of California:

WALSENBURG, Colo., April 16.-After announcing, immediately upon her release from the county jail, that she would deliver an address and go to Trinidad tonight, "Mother" Mary Jones suddenly changed her plans and left for Denver this afternoon. A cheering crowd of strikers escorted her to the station.
And from today's' Chicago Daily Tribune:
"Mother" Jones Back at Denver.

Denver, Colo., April 16.-"Mother" Mary Jones, released from military imprisonment today at Walsenburg, arrived here tonight. She went directly to her hotel, where she held a conference with John R. Lawson, executive board member for Colorado of the United Mine Workers of America.


El Paso Herald
(El Paso, Texas)
-of Apr 16, 1914
(evening paper)

Buried Unsung
Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre

-by Zeese Papanikolas
U of Utah Press, 1982

The San Bernardino County Sun
(San Bernardino, California)
-of Apr 17, 1914

Chicago Daily Tribune
(Chicago, Illinois)
-of Apr 17, 1914

See Also:
The New York Times
(New York, New York)
-of Apr 17, 1914

Photo: Mother Jones, Miner's Angel

Fly Away Pretty Bird - Aimee Curl

Fly away, little pretty bird.
Fly, fly away.
Fly away little pretty bird. And pretty you will always stay.
I see in your eyes a little promise.
Your own tender love your bring.
But fly away, little pretty bird.
Cold runneth the spring.

            -Hazel Dickens

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