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Jeb shooting himself in the W. means that 'ultra-hawk' Rubio will be the GOP establishment's guy
The picture tells the story. No separation. Just call them Jebya. As bad as you may have thought this week was for Jeb Bush, it was actually worse. This is the week Jeb Bush lost the Republican ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/17/2015 209 126 1 -
GOP presidential candidates blow their 'Sister Souljah' moment to denounce right-wing extremism
Some states are red, others are blue. The GOP candidates are too yellow-bellied to say what they ought to. George W. Bush had one in 1999 when he criticized the fundamentalist ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/10/2015 180 147 2 -
'Sir, are you injured anywhere?' vs. 'F*ck your breath.' Only one kind of approach provokes riots
No snarky comment here. Not for this image. 'Why?' It's the most useful one word sentence in the English language. It's how we begin the search for causes, for understanding, for truth. We have to ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/03/2015 128 151 4 -
Bobby Jindal advocates unholy alliance of fundamentalists and big business to back discrimination
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. And not in the fun way, like in Harry Potter . Bobby Jindal wants to be relevant.
Ian Reifowitz 04/26/2015 91 69 - -
Business owner sets minimum wage for employees. Limbaugh calls that socialism. I call him ignorant.
You may ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/20/2015 147 141 - -
We won't be calling it Obamacare in 2045. How about 'Americare'?
A rose by any other name.... Let's get a couple of things straight. I'm not talking about a new name for Obamacare because its actual contents ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/19/2015 79 52 2 -
Imagine a coalition unifying Black Lives Matter, LGBT equality, and the fight for a living wage.
When different progressive movements stick ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/05/2015 103 90 4 -
New proposals to rein in payday loans show why unscrupulous corporations want you to hate government
Richard Cordray runs the agency that issued the proposals. Barack Obama signed ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/29/2015 80 89 4 -
John Boehner reveals his absolute ignorance about the Middle East
John Boehner not moving his lips. That's at ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/29/2015 27 70 1 -
Republicans want to repeal Obamacare? Go ahead, make my day.
Republicans wants to take away your health care. But you can smile too as long as we have a Democratic president to stop them. The new budget proposals from House and Senate Republicans are ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/22/2015 65 100 1 -
Hey hey, Cuomo, your education plan has got to go
Teachers and parents united against Cuomo's plan. That was the chant I heard go up from the crowd of parents and teachers gathered at one of the dozens ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/15/2015 84 71 - -
The Selma speech: Obama's America vs. Giuliani's America
He talks about America like a grown-up. When Rudy Giuliani ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/09/2015 48 109 2 -
If you think 'reverse racism' is worse than what blacks face, read the Ferguson report
That sign says it all. Overall,
Ian Reifowitz 03/08/2015 150 120 4 -
Janet Yellen gets the need for rising wages. That's why Republicans are out to get her.
No one else that President Obama appointed has a greater impact on our economy. First, let's start with the good news, developments that are both important and a long time coming. Thursday'...
Ian Reifowitz 03/01/2015 61 110 3 -
So what if ISIL is a 'Muslim' terror group? Obama's still right not to use the word
President Obama is trying to defeat ISIL ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/22/2015 141 61 3 -
Inspiring images of over 1000 Muslims forming 'ring of peace' around Oslo synagogue
If ever a photo was worth a thousand words That is a beautiful image. Over the weekend, more than 1000 ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/22/2015 67 136 1 -
Do those mourning racist murders of Jews deserve a safe space to talk?
I really don't understand why this is even a question. But apparently it is. Yesterday I wrote a post called "Jews are NOT at war with Islam. But jihadi terrorists have declared war on Jews." In ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/16/2015 186 144 1 -
The goal is to get cops to change. That's why Comey spoke about racism and policing the way he did.
Police behavior needs to change. FBI Director James Comey gave an address at Georgetown University on Thursday titled "Hard Truths: Law Enforcement and Race." The ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/15/2015 52 98 2 -
Jews are NOT at war with Islam. But jihadi terrorists have declared war on Jews.
Why are they murdering Jews? What are we going to do about it? I don't see how we can draw any other conclusion. Whether we call them jihadis or Islamists, terrorists claiming to represent Islam ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/15/2015 460 100 - -
Spending to close education gap pays for itself. Will GOP's magic math model ignore that one too?
You gotta spend money to make money. And it's the right thing to do. To what GOP magic math model am I referring? Something called "dynamic scoring." You may be asking yourself what could be wrong ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/08/2015 38 50 4 -
Religious freedom gives me the constitutional right to violate your constitutional rights. Right?
They've got rights too. ...
Ian Reifowitz 02/01/2015 203 112 3 -
Obama has set the parameters for 2016: Middle-class economics vs. trickle-down economics
Apparently, John Boehner doesn't want to ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/25/2015 77 56 - -
Medicaid for kids largely pays for itself. Who thinks the GOP's magic math model will count that?
Not only is it the right thing to do, it also costs a lot less than you might think. Voodoo economics is back, folks. On their very first day in session, House ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/18/2015 35 64 1 -
Paging Mr. Romney 2016: New study shows the poor pay MORE in state/local taxes than the rich
Forty-seven percent of people think I'm a liar. The other 53 percent know it. Read it and weep (really). Here's what a new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/14/2015 68 72 3 -
New York Police Department turns its back on democracy
He's the one New Yorkers elected to be in charge. "A reckless, coordinated escalation of a war." That's what the New York Times editorial board ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/11/2015 223 132 1 -
And here's your divisional weekend playoff preview
This post has nothing to do with Barack ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/10/2015 67 17 - -
With all due respect, here's why I still "am Charlie"
This began as a comment to another post, now on the recommended list, written by someone I respect immensely as a person of tremendous integrity. I write it not "against" what my fellow poster wrote,
Ian Reifowitz 01/10/2015 328 225 5 -
French President Hollande: attack on Paris kosher supermarket a "dreadful anti-Semitic act"
Francois Hollande, President of France. From The Week : In a speech ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/09/2015 58 51 - -
Why I love the winter solstice concert at school
Winter can be so lovely. Bill O'Reilly may have "single-handedly saved" the holiday he purports to love via ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/03/2015 22 30 - -
And here's your wildcard weekend playoff preview
This post has nothing to do with Barack ...
Ian Reifowitz 01/03/2015 112 20 - -
Giuliani's hate-mongering shows the right wing will never stop trying to scare whites about Obama
Race-baiter. Rudy Giuliani is a liar. Let's start with that. After the heinous murder of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos a week ago, ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/28/2014 133 137 5 -
Jon Stewart: You can have great regard for law enforcement and still want them held to high standard
Bravo , Mr. Stewart: He got it exactly right. Jon Stewart offered the perfect rebuttal to the vicious, ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/22/2014 115 188 3 -
Happy days are here again
Democrats still have a lot to learn from FDR about politics. In 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for a second term and, just like four years earlier , the ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/21/2014 181 74 2 -
Obama is right to emphasize progress and hope. If there's no hope, why bother fighting?
Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. — The Shawshank Redemption Earlier this week, President Obama sat down for ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/14/2014 159 64 3 -
CRomnibus postmortem: Democrats allowed Republicans to gut major legislation through blackmail
She's right, and not for the first time. It should have been a simple matter. Black and white. Not open to negotiation. Yet somehow, just like they did during the debt ceiling crisis that birthed ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/12/2014 24 33 - -
Corporate profits are sky high, wages down. Yet extending corporate tax breaks is an urgent issue?
Who's on your side? Not this guy. Maybe I'm an idiot. But there's something I just don't understand, and perhaps one of you good people can help me make sense of it. If Congressional Republicans ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/07/2014 71 89 - -
Angry about Ferguson? Good. Join the Brown family in fighting for the Michael Brown Law.
Michael Brown, Sr., and the Brown family ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/30/2014 89 115 3 -
Get your corporate mistletoe off our turkey
It's Christmastime, everybody. A week before Thanksgiving. This year it began before the jack-o'-lanterns decomposed and the Elsa costumes were hung away. Every year Christmas creep begins earlier ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/27/2014 51 42 - -
GOP 'payback' to white working class that voted them in: Cut earned income tax and child tax credit
When working people elect Republicans, they get screwed. First, some data. In the recent midterm elections, ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/26/2014 222 205 6 -
GOP says Obama pushes popular immigration policies to win votes. Er, that's called democracy.
People usually vote for those who support policies with which they agree. That's Democracy 101. I'm finding that sometimes Republican arguments don't exactly make 100 percent sense. Any of you out ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/23/2014 77 66 - -
Fox News story on House Benghazi report ignores the entire report
It's not news. It's Fox News. Let the words speak for themselves. First, take a look at how the Associated Press covered the ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/22/2014 116 277 5 -
She may not want to, but we need Elizabeth Warren to run for president
The country needs her to run. So does our party. And so does Hillary Clinton. The midterms didn't go so well. As ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/16/2014 416 201 5 -
McConnell brings Republican hypocrisy to a new low, and that's saying something
They really have no shame. In case anyone out there didn't already know it, Thursday's comments by incoming Senate ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/14/2014 295 343 10 -
Executives who trashed evidence must go to jail. Otherwise more will die from corporate cover-ups
Put 'em away. Let me start with a warning.
Ian Reifowitz 11/09/2014 88 142 3 -
Democrats should've run on economic populism. Instead they ran on 'not really Obama' and got creamed
Ian Reifowitz 11/08/2014 463 297 8 -
Warner is catching up: Virginia will be decided by 5000 votes or less
I've done a quick and dirty look at the county by county results . Based on what votes are out there, it is going to come down to less than 5000 votes either way. I'm going to bed (it's not worth ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/04/2014 8 5 - -
What, exactly, is the difference between Joni Ernst and Cliven Bundy?
Would you visit a dude ranch run by Joni, Sarah, and Cliven? That would be something else. Imagine the following fictional scenario taking place a week before Election Day, 2012: Video surfaced ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/02/2014 94 64 2 -
Republicans are running for Congress on their 'jobs plan.' Slight problem: It won't create any jobs.
Mitch McConnell's jobs plan is a plan to save his own.
Ian Reifowitz 10/26/2014 49 45 2 -
Zombie lies: Debunked or not, right-wing talking heads won't let them die
Young Republican zombie chapter president?
Ian Reifowitz 10/19/2014 111 75 2 -
Voter suppression is un-American
She's 100 percent right. But that isn't stopping Republicans.
Ian Reifowitz 10/12/2014 97 96 5 -
Today Show sets up sting to nab soldiers who scam thousands, ignores corporations who scam billions
Fake marriages are a sexy story. Tax inversions are boring. Guess which one the Today Show covered.
Ian Reifowitz 10/05/2014 141 90 2 -
As usual, Republicans are in corporations' pockets. Dem Senate candidates should hammer them for it.
Corporations, my friend, are people who shouldn't pay taxes. Yeah, that's the ticket. Last week, the Obama administration issued new ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/28/2014 43 60 1 -
Will Occupy end up having a bigger impact than the tea party on real people's lives?
Occupy rescued students indebted to a ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/21/2014 75 113 4 -
This is what activism can accomplish: Look at the drop in NYC stop-and-frisks
Stop-and-frisk in New York City is down 90 percent. People protested. People marched . A good cop who blew the whistle ended ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/20/2014 108 216 3 -
What does it mean for multiethnic democracies if Scotland leaves the UK?
One idea for the Union Jack without Scotland. The green is from the flag of Wales, FYI. Scotland will vote Thursday on whether to become an independent country. Whatever the outcome, approximately ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/14/2014 502 94 3 -
Instead of 'legitimate rape' remarks, this time right-wing economic policies are sinking GOP chances
Republican extremism has bankrupted Kansas. Payback is coming. What's the matter with Kansas? Sorry, couldn't resist. Interestingly, instead of Democrats asking that question and scratching their ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/07/2014 120 151 3 1
To fight ISIS the West must do more to integrate potentially alienated Muslims
People who feel a part of the national community do not join ISIS. It is disturbing, to say the least, to hear that an American was killed fighting ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/31/2014 155 38 - -
McCain says we must fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Have we learned nothing at all from the Iraq War?
No matter how many times McCain is wrong, he ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/30/2014 243 84 1 -
Dear Hillary: Don't worry about 'Obama's third term' nonsense. Run on progressive values and record.
Hillary can compare the record of these two presidents to George W. Bush and ask voters which made us stronger. Some people just wanna party like it's 2008. There's ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/24/2014 333 73 3 2
Forward this next time right-wingers lie about prominent Muslims not condemning ISIS violence
Muslims never condemn jihadi terrorism, right? Wrong. Among many other lies, the right wing loves to claim that Muslims don't speak out against violence committed by jihadi terrorists like ISIS. ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/21/2014 84 99 8 1
Dear Hillary: 'Don't do stupid stuff' would've kept us out of Iraq and Vietnam. Pretty smart, no?
Which one of these two voted for the Iraq war? Just asking. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may (or may not) ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/17/2014 240 116 4 1
Jesus drove usurers from temple. We allow 500-percent interest payday loans. Where are Christians?
I'd love to have this Jesus in Congress. First, let's start with the good (if you can really call it that) news : A trail ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/12/2014 110 88 1 2
You say you want immigrants to learn English? Put your money where your boca is
More immigrants want English classes than there are spots available. What are we going to do about it? People are ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/10/2014 73 80 4 -
Every Republican must answer: Has Barack Obama really been waging a 'war on whites'?
Just when you thought Republicans couldn't ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/04/2014 77 116 1 -
Obama is 100 percent right to throw red meat of lawsuit and impeachment talk back at Republicans
Only one of these men will benefit from the ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/03/2014 112 162 3 1
One image that shows the South really and truly is the region with the most freedom
Freedom isn't free. I mean, health insurance isn't free. I mean, what was the question again? Ain't freedom grand? And what says freedom better than being free from government mandates like the ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/30/2014 153 199 6 -
Wanna know why Republicans can't give up calling Obama 'not American'? They've got nothing else.
When you've got nothing of substance to say, just say that the President of the United States isn't a real American. Generally speaking, I support recycling. In this case, not so ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/27/2014 98 108 3 -
Now they've gone too far. Time for Harry Reid to blow up the filibuster and confirm all nominees now
If at first you don't succeed ... Now they've gone too far. Two Republican judges (on a three-judge panel) just issued ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/22/2014 166 307 2 1
Liberal nationalism is not only possible, it's essential
Out of many, one. As important today as ever. Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. — Albert Einstein This is a popular sentiment in certain circles, ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/20/2014 149 56 2 -
2020 war room: Inside the secret plan to beat GOP gerrymandering
This is how the Republicans stole the House of Representatives in 2012. What a great title, huh? At Netroots Nation in Detroit, there was ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/19/2014 61 93 7 -
The privilege of normalcy
I can't even imagine what it must be like. I can empathize, but no one who hasn't experienced it can understand ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/13/2014 71 78 - -
The doctrine of corporate separateness, or why the Hobby Lobby decision is an absolute farce
Farce. Farce. Farce. Farce. Farce. Do you know why people form corporations? One of the most important reasons is to protect the personal property of business's owners from ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/06/2014 177 235 11 -
How progressives talk about July 4 and our national history
I always really enjoy Meteor Blades'
Ian Reifowitz 07/04/2014 18 38 1 1
Romney leaving millions to his kids actually helps workers, says economics prof (and Romney advisor)
Mitt won't be leaving his money to these kids. "How Inherited Wealth Helps the Economy" is, I kid you not, the title of an actual op-ed piece published last ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/29/2014 91 75 5 -
No mission creep in Iraq on Obama’s watch. He knows a war in Iraq is a ‘dumb war.’
President Obama needs to remember what ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/22/2014 190 81 3 1
Forget Eric Cantor. Now we'll see if Republicans are the party of right-wing extremist David Brat.
What will Republicans do with this guy? We'll find out in November. I'm not here to talk about why Eric Cantor lost. ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/15/2014 111 105 4 3
No, David Brooks. Withdrawing from Iraq wasn't 'the stupidest thing of all.' Invading Iraq was.
"Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again." In the spirit of James Poniewozik's superb new rule on Iraq, brought to ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/13/2014 208 346 3 2
Ukraine and Europe: A historical perspective
Ukraine. In Europe. This article is co-authored by Ian Reifowitz and Steven Beller . There ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/08/2014 180 69 1 -
Article slamming Obama on 'American exceptionalism' relies on exceptionally misleading quotation
If you're going to quote me, get it right, will ya? Matthew Rothschild has a post titled "Obama Bows to American Exceptionalism"
Ian Reifowitz 06/02/2014 67 75 2 -
Obama Doctrine: 'Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail'
Outside of a time of crisis, the best foreign policy is often dull.
Ian Reifowitz 06/01/2014 69 85 2 2
The Republicans' Southern strategy still works. Here's how liberals can counter it.
The GOP can't let go of the 20th century. You've likely all heard of the Republicans' " Southern strategy ." As a reminder, here's how its architect, then-...
Ian Reifowitz 05/26/2014 208 112 6 -
Time to put the fear of prison into executives before they've decided to put profits over people
Greed is a powerful thing. The fear of punishment is necessary to counter it. Maybe 13 really is a haunted number. Either way, 13 is a number that has haunted General Motors over the past few years.
Ian Reifowitz 05/25/2014 66 95 1 -
Dinesh D'Souza, guilty on campaign finance charges, also lied in print about Obama
His pants are on fire, metaphorically speaking. Now it's official . Dinesh D'Souza has admitted breaking the law. He ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/20/2014 110 187 4 3
Women are morons. That's what they think​.
Waiting periods help protect women from acting without thinking. They aren't at all paternalistic or patronizing. Do right-wingers believe women need extra time to think about important decisions ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/18/2014 208 132 2 -
Pulling back the curtain on Sam Brownback's Kansas financial meltdown
My lies about why Kansas's state finances are in the toilet are THIS big. Let'
Ian Reifowitz 05/11/2014 204 243 9 -
Is Andrew Cuomo a Democrat? Then he'll support Democrat Oliver Koppell over 'Independent' Jeff Klein
A) Democrat. B) Not. Andrew Cuomo must ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/06/2014 73 60 1 -
Test prep kills learning. But standardized testing is big money. Guess how this one turns out.
Profits over learning. What is the single most important thing that elementary schools need to instill in their students? Think about it. What one thing will help our kids grow up to succeed in ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/04/2014 170 112 5 -
Breathing will be easier thanks to today's Supreme Court decision upholding EPA authority
In a 6-2 decision issued today, the U.S. Supreme Court handed a major victory to the Obama administration and its efforts, through the Environmental Protection Agency, to force polluters ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/29/2014 60 76 3 2
What do racist Republicans Bundy, Robertson and Nugent have in common? (Hint: it's in the title)
Sean Hannity is very, very sad. See, the real problem with the whole sordid Cliven Bundy affair is that Democrats will use his er, musings , about African Americans ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/27/2014 96 112 2 1
Anything Russian 'in czarist times' is fair game in Putin's mind
Vladimir Putin provided a glimpse into what he thinks the map of Eurasia should look like when he offered this thought on the current crisis in eastern Ukraine: Those territories, the Russian ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/20/2014 405 60 1 1
Social Security is tremendously important. When signed, it excluded almost all black Americans. The Democratic Party must embrace, fight for, and enact economically progressive policies. It must be ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/13/2014 156 116 1 -
NYC parents, teachers protest state tests that include inappropriate questions, product placements
Parents, students, and teachers took to the streets Friday morning across New York City to protest the state tests in English Language Arts that were given last week. The tests derive from the ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/11/2014 100 184 - -
Democrats must run against Obamacare repeal. Not just for Obamacare. Against repeal.
Republicans who support repeal want to take health ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/06/2014 184 93 1 -
The Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision and the 'appearance' of corruption
Money talks. Democracy goes silent. Yesterday’s 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in ...
Ian Reifowitz 04/03/2014 83 60 1 -
Book review and interview with the author—Democracy: All That Matters by Steven Beller
By Steven Beller Hodder & Stoughton Paperback, 160 pages February 12, 2014 $14.00 Steven Beller’s Democracy Matters ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/30/2014 14 28 2 -
Did Rand Paul just accuse Barack Obama of being 'not black enough?'
Rand Paul, expert on being black. Yep, you read that right. Rand Paul went there. Here's how ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/23/2014 465 88 2 -
Here's a way to volunteer right now that both helps people and has a political impact
What should we do now? That's a question politically active folks are constantly asking themselves (not to mention arguing over with one another). Should we focus on the next election(s), so ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/16/2014 50 61 4 -
McDonald's wage theft is a feature of, not a bug in, the cutthroat, low-wage fast-food industry
I'm assuming most of you already know that workers in three different states have filed a lawsuit charging that the McDonald's corporation and their ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/14/2014 50 70 5 -
Wanna know how to move the Democratic Party (and our country) to the left?
It's real simple, folks. We do it the way the Tea Party did in moving the Republican Party to the right. And it has nothing to do with denying our votes to "centrist" candidates on Election Day. ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/10/2014 467 325 2 -
Why are so many conservative politicians brandishing guns?
Sheriff McConnell to the rescue? Yes, we know it's all a show, that it's all about appealing to (appeasing) the NRA crowd, and demonstrating that a buttoned-...
Ian Reifowitz 03/09/2014 244 130 2 -
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