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Karl at the Desk (with apologies to Ernest Thayer)
Another of those seminal moments in American folklore that deserves to be captured in verse. "The outlook wasn't brilliant for the GOP that night...."
PhishRapper 11/10/2012 7 16 - -
Senate candidate: When a woman is impregnated during rape, God intended it
I've reread this twice now, so I know I'm not seeing things.|topnews|text|...
PhishRapper 10/23/2012 18 12 - -
OK, so sell me on becoming a Republican
Tired, tired, tired of being in the minority in the corporate IT sales office that I work in. I don't typically advertise my political beliefs, but somehow (maybe it was the beers), I've probably ...
PhishRapper 05/26/2010 12 15 1 29
"Republican" Jackie Robinson on the 1964 GOP Convention
The GOP now claims Jackie Robinson as one of its own. While Jackie Robinson did publicly express support for Governor Nelson Rockefeller and other Republicans, it was not because of party affiliation.
PhishRapper 10/14/2009 19 19 3 66
Here's how a President should deal with corporate interests
A Democratic President, blindsided by the cynical behavior of a few powerful industry titans acting in opposition to the common good, seizes the bully pulpit and rallies public opinion and ...
PhishRapper 08/10/2009 6 5 1 1
O'Reilly praises Obama !?!
Who knew? Carl M. Cannon on "Politics Daily" has the scoop..."Bill O'Reilly Pens Love Letter to Obama in Parade Magazine"...
PhishRapper 08/07/2009 22 2 - 1
Cutting and Running in Alaska - What Would Margaret Say?
While the hour of Sarah Palin's resignation from office is upon us, it's worthwhile to consider the thoughts and words of another prominent Republican regarding the travails of public service, the ...
PhishRapper 07/26/2009 24 27 1 174
The greatest organized labor tragedy you've never heard of.
You could easily pass by Calumet, Michigan, on US highway 41 without much notice. You'd see the red, iron-ore tinted sandstone buildings that look as though they must have been built at significant ...
PhishRapper 07/10/2009 27 32 - 54
Gov. Sanford: The nation is safer under Obama
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford reversed a long-standing state government executive travel policy last week, by undertaking a six-day trip to Argentina without notifying his family, his staff, ...
PhishRapper 06/24/2009 7 14 1 22
Barack Obama, model conservative.
To demonstrate how completely the Republican party has become unmoored from its Conservative anchorings, consider how strongly they campaigned against a candidate who embodied traditional Republican ...
PhishRapper 11/29/2008 4 2 2 3​m
Republicans continue to attempt to explain their repudiation by the American public as something other than what it was; the apparent rejection of a party whose core principles have proven outmoded, ...
PhishRapper 11/28/2008 35 14 1 11
Republicans, they forgot to let you decide.
Everything that you need to know about the viability of the Republican party in the age of the netroots is contained within a couple of short paragraphs from Jonathan Martin's politico blog entry of ...
PhishRapper 11/27/2008 8 1 1 2
Speaking in favor of the GM LOAN
A disclaimer first - I'm a lifelong Michigan/Detroit area Democrat with something of a vested interest in the sustainability of the domestic automotive business. In some respects, I feel uniquely ...
PhishRapper 11/15/2008 32 6 - 1
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