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Mozilla Firefox Do I Have To Update?
I need simple software advice. Please leave all advice in the comments . Thank You . I know whom to ask. Kossack's know everything! I am a computer illiterate. Probably, maybe a 1st grader and I don'
rebel ga 05/25/2015 43 5 - -
Lou Rawls
Easing into the week with Lou Rawls . Louis Allen "Lou" Rawls (December 1, 1933 – January 6, 2006) was an American recording artist, voice actor, songwriter, and record producer. He is best known ...
NCTim 05/25/2015 12 16 - -
The Justice Department on Netroots Radio Presents: "The Streets of His Soldier Mind"
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justiceputnam 05/24/2015 1 5 - -
We're bought and sold for corporate gold- Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!
Change one word from the Robert Burns poem "Parcel o’ Rogues" and it is moved from 18th century Scotland to today. The Scottish nobles are now our congress critters. Just a thought while listening ...
BOHICA 05/24/2015 10 16 - -
Hellraisers Journal: Joe Hill is "a true soldier in the army of labor," ready to die for the cause.
He's in their dungeon, dark and grim; He stood by us, we'll stand by him! -Ralph Chaplin ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Sunday May 23, 1915 ...
JayRaye 05/23/2015 8 23 1 -
Buckwheat Zydeco
Buckwheat Zydeco is the stage name of Stanley Dural, Jr., an American accordionist and zydeco musician. He is one of the few zydeco artists to achieve mainstream success.
NCTim 05/19/2015 9 21 - -
There's Crazy - Then There's Texas Crazy
Jade Helm conspiracy theorists and gun nuts are just the latest proof that everything is bigger in Texas, including right-wing nuttiness:
PsychoSuperMom 05/18/2015 7 14 - -
#Shell No - Happening Now in Seattle
From King 5 news Right now all entranceways to Terminal 5 in the Port of Seattle are blocked in protest of Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic. Hundred of people converged on the terminal ...
John Crapper 05/18/2015 51 82 1 -
♥Note To A Marine♥
Hi Joe ♥ ♥I'm Still Here, Waiting♥ Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273- TALK ( 8255 and dial 1)
rebel ga 05/17/2015 9 23 - -
The Healing Properties Of Cannabis-Needs To Be Legalized Nationally And Federally
Images For Medical ...
rebel ga 05/16/2015 33 41 2 -
B.B. King 1925 - 2015
(photo credit: Annie Leibovitz) From AP , via The Washington Post : VEGAS — ‘King of the Blues’ legend B.B. King dead in Las Vegas at age 89, his attorney says. http://www....
ericlewis0 05/15/2015 119 255 1 -
Miley Cyrus? Really?
Perhaps I should start off with a personal note. When I was living in Arkansas after my transition, I used to run a LGBT group out of my home: Conway Prism. Although the group was mainly ...
rserven 05/12/2015 86 92 - -
Hellraisers Journal: Rebel Girl Describes Joe Hill: "tall, slender, very blond with deep blue eyes."
I am not afraid of death, but I'd like to be in the fight a little longer. -Joe Hill ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Tuesday May 11, 1915 Salt ...
JayRaye 05/11/2015 10 18 - -
South Dakota board votes to restore a Lakota name to the highest peak in the Black Hills
The stones used to build the fire lookout tower atop Harney Peak were hauled up by mule when it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1935-1938. Harney Peak, the highest point in the ...
quaoar 05/09/2015 22 112 1 -
"Cherry-Picking The Bible"
(a gospel response to some of the sillier homophobic hypocrisy exhibited by opponents of marriage equality)
PsychoSuperMom 05/04/2015 19 11 - -
CA Kossack aitchdee: Struggling to Make It to SSDI
This is a followup diary to the one I posted last week ,
belinda ridgewood 05/01/2015 107 99 1 -
A simple way to show solidarity with Nepal during reconstruction
My adult daughters, in a strange turnaround, keep demanding to know my exact whereabouts these days, since the earthquake here in Nepal. I am fine and I was nowhere near the epicenter. My teaching ...
guavaboy 04/29/2015 18 25 1 -
President Obama hits right wing and media at 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner
President Obama appeared at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend. The president was self-deprecating at times. He continued to milk the "Obama as a foreign Muslim" angle to loud ...
Egberto Willies 04/26/2015 107 228 5 -
Could This Be The Face Of Israel's Next Prime Minister?
"We want an Israel that celebrates diversity, where tolerance is not a weakness it’s a strength. We want an Israel that teaches its poor with compassion. We want an Israel that treats minorities ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/25/2015 47 90 5 -
Calling all kossacks - help needed - please rec this
$343 is not that much money...but it is needed by tomorrow. I posted a diary earlier via the Daily Kos Fund Raisers group, but it didn't get much attention and only raised $60 - which I and Fineena ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/22/2015 194 342 2 -
The Woodstock Photo
About 20 years ago an old and dear friend from my youth showed me a photo I had forgotten existed. It was an old time-ravaged black and white of me and my old friend, Bobby Hall. It is the only photo,
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/18/2015 181 300 2 -
I'm Watching YouTube Steal My S#!+ in Real Time
Being in the middle of a national promotion campaign for a record launch in 2 days, I've been required to self-google several times a day to catch radio station playlists, review posts, etc. Today, ...
Crashing Vor 04/16/2015 110 264 1 -
International Day of Action in the Fight for $15. Pics from around the World.
In Oakland, California, every McDonald's in the city but one was shut down beginning at 8:00 AM for an hour in a coordinated show of force to demand $15 and a union. All the actions then converged ...
jpmassar 04/15/2015 6 19 - -
From Popular Resistance: Fight for $15, "Largest Ever Worker Mobilization In US On Tax Day"
jpmassar has a great diary up with pics form around the world! [CLICK ...
JayRaye 04/15/2015 15 15 - -
Sharp-Tongued Rand
His positions toward women (and LGBTs, minorities, and just about everyone else) are far more offensive than his behavior toward women journalists . . . but he's comedic gold!
PsychoSuperMom 04/13/2015 1 2 - -
North Mississippi Allstars
Ready for some rockin' blues? North Mississippi Allstars is an American southern rock/blues band from Hernando, Mississippi, founded in 1996.
NCTim 04/07/2015 8 10 - -
DOJ intervenes in case of Ashley Diamond
The Department of Justice has filed a 19-page brief in the case of Ashley Diamond v Owens, et al. in a District Court in Georgia. Ms. Diamond, 36, lived openly as a ...
rserven 04/06/2015 30 117 - -
Love Is All♥Playing For Change
♥For All My Friends And Good People Everywhere♥ TerraCycle Nationwide Program. ♥HUD Helps Public Housing Residents Become Homeowners. And More Great Links . A Kossack told me about this in ...
rebel ga 04/05/2015 9 16 - -
As the Governors Squirm ... #LetOurPoorPeopleLive, #STDDs, Week 31
The Support the Dream Defenders group saw the cruelty of Red State governors and legislatures refusing to expand Medicaid. Thousands of people are needlessly in pain, filing for bankruptcy, and ...
JoanMar 04/03/2015 27 30 - -
♥Happy Easter And Happy Passover♥
I posted this last week in case any one wanted to try the links. Guess it was too soon. So I'm re-posting. The Best Of Holidays To Everyone Easter Sunday April 5 2015 How To Make An Easter ...
rebel ga 04/03/2015 3 15 - -
The Evening Blues - 4-2-15
Welcome! " The Evening Blues" is a casual community diary (published Monday - Friday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography and other things of ...
joe shikspack 04/02/2015 85 34 - -
Scary, Indiana
. . . because some stories are crying out for a showtune!
PsychoSuperMom 04/02/2015 3 8 - -
Declaration of Objection
Wahoo! Invited to join Protest Music. Break out the champagne and reefer! Muddy Waters - Champagne & Reefer Peter Tosh - Legalize ...
NCTim 04/01/2015 10 4 - -
Joni Mitchell Hospitalized
There are reports that Joni Mitchell is in the ICU of a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious in her home. There's no word at this point about a diagnosis, or her current condition. As ...
burana 04/01/2015 107 167 1 -
Brave Sir Cruz (The Modern Galileo)
Cruz comparing his climate change denial to Galileo's breakthroughs is so absurd, it deserves a Monty Python-esque ballad! EMBED CODE:
PsychoSuperMom 03/30/2015 4 7 - -
Lyrics in the Key of Life
Recently I had cause to once again quote my favorite Springsteen line: "But it’s a sad man, my friend, who’s livin’ in his own skin and can’t stand the company". I realized that there are a ...
Capriccio 03/29/2015 9 13 1 -
If Linda Ronstadt could sing about the Cruz candidacy
I think it would go something like this (sung to the tune of Blue Bayou): Go steal nickels, go steal dimes Tell them Jeb did some similar crimes Tell them God said it’s you this time They won’t ...
DFW Dallas 03/28/2015 38 31 - -
The Price That You Pay For Rocking The Boat
Last month, I gave this tribute to Aaron Swartz, an internet activist, when I hosted a special Capitol Hill showing of the documentary Killswitch . Aaron was targeted for prosecution for his ...
Alan Grayson 03/27/2015 58 225 9 -
I Haz Book-Let Me Write More
I wrote a chapbook called Chap Book Review: Armageddon in Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut. This is a review of Vonnegut's unpublished works published posthumously. Sales have been abysmal. I need to ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/27/2015 14 12 - -
Netroots Radio Presents The Justice Department: "Children Speak to Their Murdered Brothers"
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justiceputnam 03/23/2015 4 5 - -
The Downton Abbey Congressman
How fitting that the disgraced politician's favorite show (or at least the source of his decorating style) was a soap opera about the dying days of an unsustainable privileged class, financing its ...
PsychoSuperMom 03/23/2015 2 5 - -
The Justice Dept on Netroots Radio Presents: "A Beat in the Heart of an African Drum"
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justiceputnam 03/22/2015 1 4 - -
Bernadette Devlin McAliskey: an Irish heroine
Bernadette Devlin McAliskey Another Saint Patrick's Day Parade in New York City has come and gone and still the ...
Denise Oliver Velez 03/22/2015 158 179 7 -
Birthday Party! Music, Music, Music, Almost.
I'm a poet, and you know, I know it! Besides, how could I lose with all this great talent. ( Images-Birthday Cakes )
rebel ga 03/21/2015 14 17 - -
We have a sister who's in trouble
Her name is Fineena. Many of you know her. She's been around since '08 and is known for her personal generosity and enthusiastic participation in our community. She's also known for the cool scarves ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 03/20/2015 135 269 2 -
Jazz - Charlie Hunter
Charlie Hunter is an American guitarist, composer and bandleader. First coming to prominence in the early 1990s, Hunter has recorded 17 albums. Hunter plays custom-made seven and eight-string ...
NCTim 03/19/2015 6 6 - -
Tom Waits
Tom Waits is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor. Waits has a distinctive voice, described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding "like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging ...
NCTim 03/17/2015 37 26 - -
Religious Freedom DOESN'T Mean Freedom To Discriminate
Here's a musical explanation of this basic truth, from an exasperated Jewish-mother-for-marriage-equality:
PsychoSuperMom 03/16/2015 6 8 - -
Origins of the racist SAE song lyrics
When looking into the Confederate roots of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity I came across information that sheds some light on the origins of the vile racist song that was sung by the fraternity's ...
Calvino Partigiani 03/15/2015 85 119 - -
St Patrick's Day, My Birthday, Spring And 7 Years At Dkos!
March, Sure Is A Great Month! ♫St Patrick's Day Immigration Info-Free US Gov't Links, History Leprechauns Music♬
rebel ga 03/14/2015 45 23 - -
Help Needed For Longtime Kossack irishwitch
irishwitch is needing our help. She's been in exile in GA for the past 10 months due to the bottom falling out of her and hubby Ben's life. Now they have the opportunity to move back to the place ...
Gwennedd 03/14/2015 150 169 - -
Need help with a pro bono family law attn in NH
I need a family attorney, pro bono. The courts are closing the custody case. I'm on waiting lists for pro bono, but I have been for years. The alphabet soup orgs have more important cases. Custody ...
LoreleiHI 03/13/2015 12 8 - -
The Evening Blues - 3-13-15
Welcome! " The Evening Blues" is a casual community diary (published Monday - Friday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography and other things of ...
joe shikspack 03/13/2015 143 32 - -
Jazz - Grant Green
Grant Green was an American jazz guitarist and composer. Recording prolifically and mainly for Blue Note Records Green performed in the hard bop, soul jazz, bebop and Latin-tinged idioms throughout ...
NCTim 03/12/2015 9 10 - -
aoeu 03/12/2015 7 5 - -
The Ballad of John Boehner
. . . because tragic figures deserve epic ballads . . .
PsychoSuperMom 03/09/2015 7 11 - -
To be young, gifted, black and dead.
BREAKING: Unarmed 19 year old #TonyRobinson just shot/killed by Madison, WI police officer — CandaceTX (@CandaceTX)
Denise Oliver Velez 03/08/2015 121 202 2 -
The Justice Dept on Netroots Radio Presents: "Bone and Blood That is Nothing Like Wonder"
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justiceputnam 03/08/2015 1 6 - -
♫St Patrick's Day! Immigration Info-Free US Gov't Links, History, Leprechauns, Music♬
♥For My Grandfather Michael Murphy♥ He worked on the Central Railroad , in Jersey City, NJ (100 years ago). Unloading box cars with a big hook. He and his fellow workers, sweltered in the ...
rebel ga 03/08/2015 43 24 1 -
The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays"
"Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays" on The After Show means only one thing, it's Tuesday. You've been warned. Ohio sues British Petroleum over $33 million in reimbursements: Standardized tests don't ...
justiceputnam 03/03/2015 1 2 - -
"I'm Talking 'bout Midnight"
Just one more apocalyptic warning addressed to the masters of the planet. And their lackeys. One among many. As the clock ticks ever closer to midnight. Music will be provided sometime before ...
Quabbin 03/02/2015 3 3 - -
"Won't You Shut Up, Bill O'Reilly?"
I'm posing this musical question to the tune of a song that is about the same age as his target audience:
PsychoSuperMom 02/27/2015 5 12 - -
RTW? WTF! Protest in Madison, WI. PICTURES (including the obligatory cute dog photo)!
We were many! The true believers and patriots! It's been a while since The Invisible Woman, or I (Mister Fantastic) have posted. But given the new, but expected jackassery in Wisconsin, it is ...
invisiblewoman 02/25/2015 18 50 1 -
BREAKING: Wisconsin workers call for general strike after legislature pushes right-to-work vote
At a gathering Sunday of influential Wisconsin workers and political activists, a unanimous decision was made regarding how to respond to news that the Republican majority in the state legislature ...
Giles Goat Boy 02/23/2015 233 363 4 -
The Glorious, Notorious RBG
Last week's interview on MSNBC gave us even more reasons to admire Justice Ginsburg. On top of being brilliant, opinionated, and articulate, she has a great sense of humor about her status as a ...
PsychoSuperMom 02/23/2015 3 5 - -
Disabled Marine Vet Labelled DEAD and Stripped of Benefits by VA
[ This is all kinda f*cked up right here...] A disabled Marine ...
PvtJarHead 02/23/2015 12 27 - -
The Evening Blues Weekend Edition 02-22-15 The Derek Trucks Band
Welcome! " The Evening Blues - Weekend Edition" is a casual community diary (published Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography ...
Johnny the Conqueroo 02/22/2015 47 29 - -
Five Hours for Yuvette Henderson, Gunned Down by Emeryville, CA Police.
On February 3rd, 2015, Yuvette Henderson was or was not shoplifting as she left Home Depot in Emeryville, CA , a small city nestled between Oakland and Berkeley. She did or did not have a gun, ...
jpmassar 02/22/2015 74 156 2 -
Where I'm At, the Old SSP and a Little Lagniappe
This is more or less an SSP (shameless self-promotion) diary, but there's langniappe in it. Hello, orange friends. I've been rather scarce 'round here since November, for multiple reasons. Most of ...
Crashing Vor 02/22/2015 8 33 2 -
"Walker makes state a laughing stock": What a letter!
This amazing letter to the editor was just posted at Rice Lake Online .
strobusguy 02/22/2015 272 397 8 -
☂Let's See If We Can Make The Gop Cry☂
Show this video to The House and Senate. Lets see if it doesn't make even the republicans cry .(Got the idea from a Kossack who commented in one of my diaries that this song makes her cry. I ...
rebel ga 02/20/2015 18 22 - -
Scott Walker Loses Education Control Fight in Court
Still just as dumb as he looks. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-DonateBigMoneyToMeAndI'llDoYourBidding)
Puddytat 02/19/2015 218 297 4 -
Jazz - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is a New Orleans, Louisiana, brass band that revolutionized the New Orleans brass band style by incorporating funk and bebop into the traditional New Orleans jazz style.
NCTim 02/19/2015 12 12 - -
For Woody
Been reading "Ramblin' Man: The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie", 2006, by Ed Cray It took me a while to get to it, and though it ain't nearly as good as "Bound For Glory," it's well worth the read.
Quabbin 02/19/2015 8 4 - -
Four things you MUST KNOW about Scott Walker (before it’s too late)
The following article is reprinted with permission from the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative.
Giles Goat Boy 02/17/2015 176 396 13 -
The Justice Dept on Netroots Radio Presents: "The Mask That Only Sings Dead Languages"
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justiceputnam 02/15/2015 1 7 - -
Updated ♥Lakota Children Taken♥ Petition To Keep Them With Their Families♥
rebel ga 02/15/2015 28 52 - -
Mommy Porn - the REAL reason for 50 Shades' success
One might think from the runaway success of the books, and the huge interest in the movie, that the suburban moms who are supposedly the target market are sex-starved porn fans. Or that they have ...
PsychoSuperMom 02/14/2015 45 11 - -
Jazz - Charles Mingus
Charles Mingus Charles Mingus Jr. (April 22, 1922 – January 5, 1979) was a highly influential American jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader. Mingus's compositions retained the hot and ...
NCTim 02/12/2015 8 17 - -
Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Thank God It's Giovedì"
If it's Thursday on The After Show with Wink & Justice; then Thank God It's Giovedì (that's what we call it)! Native Americans are blocked on Facebook for using their legal, indigenous names; ...
justiceputnam 02/12/2015 1 - - -
Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa!"
It's "Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa! Wednesdays" on The After Show. We were going to call it "Germanic Mercury" but you know what they say, if you have to explain a joke, yada yada ya. The US ...
justiceputnam 02/11/2015 1 1 - -
The "Vaccines-Are-Safe-And-Th​ey-Work-You-Idiots" song
There is overwhelming evidence that one of the best ways to get children to remember something is setting it to music. There is also overwhelming evidence that vaccines are safe and effective at ...
PsychoSuperMom 02/10/2015 6 10 - -
The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays"
"Red Sky at Morning Tuesdays" on The After Show means only one thing, it's Tuesday. You've been warned. A black family's $3.5 million Manhattan Beach, California home is firebombed; Black girls in ...
justiceputnam 02/10/2015 1 - - -
FBI makes home visits to climate change activists
Katie Valentine reports : Tar sands activists in several states have been getting visits from the FBI, and no one knows yet exactly why. Federal agents have been contacting activists who have ...
Meteor Blades 02/09/2015 269 421 2 -
The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres: "What Did Burning Flowers Smell Like?"
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justiceputnam 02/09/2015 7 8 - -
The Justice Dept on Netroots Radio Presents: "Her Spine Straight in the Doorway Sun"
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justiceputnam 02/08/2015 3 7 - -
Tell Pres Obama, Please Don't Let Another Gulf Coast Oil Spill Happen!
Scientists found 10 million gallons of oil; the size of Rhode Island in area, ...
rebel ga 02/08/2015 5 18 - -
3 people are idiots
Usually I don't look at the "likes" and "dislikes" of Youtube videos, however with the newest release on the Playing For Change channel, "Teach Your Children Well" from their Adelaide, Australia ...
BOHICA 02/08/2015 25 43 - -
♥☃It's Cold Outside☃♥ For Sure!
♥Soup And Then Some♥ Weather Forecast For United ...
rebel ga 02/07/2015 11 9 - -
TDMB Podcast: Jazz Writer Scott Yanow on John Coltrane
(If you like this post and podcast, please check out The Daily Music Break . There are more podcasts, playlists and posts across all eras and genres.) It’s hard to write a brief post about John ...
cweinsch 02/07/2015 4 6 - -
☆♥Happy Birthday Bob Marley♥☆
Robert Nesta Marley I've been thinking of Bob Marley the past ...
rebel ga 02/06/2015 12 14 - -
Don't Misunderestimate Me (The Ballad of Sarah Palin)
Palin's recent experiment with adlibbing was music to this satirist's ears . . . .
PsychoSuperMom 02/05/2015 14 1 - -
Jazz - Poncho Sanchez
Bet you can't sit still.
NCTim 02/05/2015 12 10 - -
Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Thank God It's Giovedì"
If it's Thursday on The After Show with Wink & Justice; then Thank God It's Giovedì (that's what we call it)! Anti-government gun protesters plan on being arrested in the chambers of the ...
justiceputnam 02/05/2015 1 1 - -
The Evening Blues - Weekend Edition 01-31-15 The Grateful Dead
Welcome! " The Evening Blues - Weekend Edition" is a casual community diary (published Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography ...
Johnny the Conqueroo 01/31/2015 105 30 1 -
NYPD announces task force with 'high tech weaponry' to handle terrorist attacks.....and protests
A new task force to handle protests....with machine guns. NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has announced a new task force:
Jen Hayden 01/30/2015 225 215 4 -
January 30, 1969–The Beatles' final performance (VIDEO)
The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down A weekend flashback to The Beatles' final performance: The Beatles, with Billy Preston, gave their ...
Jen Hayden 01/30/2015 28 29 - -
Wisconsin Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Solidarity Sing Along Citations
In a 3-0 ruling , Wisconsin’s Fourth District Court of Appeals today upheld a lower court’s ruling that an administrative rule used to arrest and cite peaceful protesters in the Wisconsin ...
Giles Goat Boy 01/29/2015 23 110 2 -
Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Thank God It's Giovedì"
If it's Thursday on The After Show with Wink & Justice; then Thank God It's Giovedì (that's what we call it)! A San Francisco Public Defender is arrested by San Francisco Police outside court ...
justiceputnam 01/29/2015 1 2 - -
Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa!"
It's "Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa! Wednesdays" on The After Show. We were going to call it "Germanic Mercury" but you know what they say, if you have to explain a joke, yada yada ya. A large ...
justiceputnam 01/28/2015 5 3 - -
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