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Action for #IAmTiger > Becuz LuvLee still wants for #JusticeForTiger!
Ohai, friends. My cat LuvLee & I have been following the events around the prosecution of cat-murdering, unemployed veterinarian Kristen Lindsey. For backstory, see twitter feed
jan4insight 04/28/2015 44 30 - -
Update x3: My diabetic kitty needs vet care & now she can get it > Yes, we did reach the goal!
Ohai, friends - you guys rock! I'm getting really REALLY close There! We have raised the funds necessary to take care of LuvLee's needed dental work and insulin Rx :) This is the same diary I posted ...
jan4insight 02/03/2015 48 44 - -
Kos Katalogue: Why you should shop early at Jan4insight's Handmade Gallery!!!!! plus poll
Because my really cool handmade scarves, jewelry, journals etc. make great gifts! ♥ Because everything's marked 15% off!! ♥ Because my diabetic pootie needs insulin, and I need funds to buy it!!!
jan4insight 10/19/2014 16 36 2 -
I posted a statement about Hobby Lobby at my online craft store (Updated x3 with thanks!)
Short diary - but I had this idea that I wanted to share. There's been calls for boycotting Hobby Lobby, I certainly haven't shopped there since this all began, discussions here about where else to ...
jan4insight 06/30/2014 206 481 6 -
Coolness! White House is now live-streaming Pow Wow dances in prep for Pres. Obama's #PresResVisit!
Just wanted to get your attention - I found this on Twitter with a note that is probably a first, so I clicked over and I'm watching with great fascination. A few minutes ago, the announcer listed ...
jan4insight 06/13/2014 13 22 1 -
It doesn't only happen here: MASSIVE Flooding, Landslides Hit the Balkans - Worst in 120 Years
The pictures on my Twitter feed are mind boggling: #BosniaFloods triggers more than 3000 landslides, unearths land mines. #SerbiaFloods — Georgie (@
jan4insight 05/18/2014 20 44 - -
New report on NM school shooting from Jan. 2014 offers look at shooter's thinking, raises questions
Reported today by KOAT news in Albuquerque (warning - autoplay video at link): 45 takeaways from the final Mason Campbell report I haven't seen this reported anywhere else today, and in fact I don'...
jan4insight 05/08/2014 35 25 - -
Adios, Koch Bros! Americans for "Prosperity" pulls out of New Mexico!
Haven't seen this diaried yet, so here goes: PNNM EXCLUSIVE: Koch Brothers to Shut Down NM Operations Ahead of 2014 Election Lede from the linked article: ALBUQUERQUE – A new ProgressNow New ...
jan4insight 01/13/2014 74 179 3 -
WV water contamination crisis may go on for days, nearly 800 sickened so far.
For the the third day in a row, 300,000 West Virginia citizens are unable to use their water because of a chemical spill that occurred on Thursday. A press conference was held earlier this afternoon:
jan4insight 01/11/2014 58 51 2 -
Train Carrying Crude Oil Derails in ND, Entire City of Casselton Being Evacuated
The train derailment occurred earlier this afternoon, but with the shift in wind the entire town is being evacuated right now. Reports say that one of the train's crew members suffered second degree ...
jan4insight 12/30/2013 141 155 2 -
Just In (sadly): Arapahoe High Shooting Victim Has Died
Short diary, but this is just making the news: Claire Davis dies from injuries in Arapahoe High School shooting - The Denver Post
jan4insight 12/21/2013 45 90 1 -
Kos Katalogue: Handmade gifts for the ladies! Shop indie, get a discount, help a pootie :)
It's hard to keep track of all the Important Shopping Days this time of year, but this Monday before Thanksgiving is now known as Handmade Monday - or maybe it's Indie Monday, but whatevah it's a ...
jan4insight 11/25/2013 21 28 - -
Got a few bucks to help Univ. of New Mexico students get to the polls on November 19?
Here's the deal: Albuquerque has an odious & unconstitutional ballot measure, up for vote Nov. 19, that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The City Council, dominated by GOP'rs, decided to deprive ...
jan4insight 11/13/2013 7 16 - -
Kudos to these #Albuquerque veterans - with video you gotta see!
Scrolling lazily through Twitter just now I came upon this: ABQ Vets -w canes! - take out anti-abortion protester interrupting their #VeteransDay event. #StillGotIt — ...
jan4insight 11/11/2013 4 20 - -
Update & Question re: Today I explained #ObamaCare to my hairdresser
Thanks to all of you for the great discussion and useful information in the comments! I tried using the ValuePenguin site (h/t to sotiredofusernames) and it was really easy to do a quick calculation ...
jan4insight 11/01/2013 91 250 1 -
* Updated * Colorado Flooding is now at 500 YEAR Level
9.13.13 @ 11:22 am -- Good morning, I hope it's a good morning for everyone. I got up late this morning (up late following this) to the news that evacs are now happening in Las Vegas, New Mexico - so,
jan4insight 09/12/2013 117 186 - -
Kos Katalogue: Christmas in July!?!
It's that special time of year when dedicated fans of All Things Winter Holiday (which includes Yule, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and of course Christmas) can start dreaming about their ...
jan4insight 07/10/2013 16 45 - -
IAN: Good Morning, Tuesday May 28
Tuesday! As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild ...
jan4insight 05/27/2013 37 11 - -
IAN: Good Morning, Tuesday May 21
Tuesday! As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild ...
jan4insight 05/20/2013 41 23 - -
IAN: Good Morning, Tuesday May 14
Tuesday! As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild ...
jan4insight 05/13/2013 54 19 - -
Seen this? New Mexico county becomes first in nation to ban drilling and fracking!
The mouse is roaring! Mora County, NM, population about 5,000 (that's not a typo), just voted to ban drilling and fracking. There's more here:
jan4insight 05/02/2013 34 26 - -
Huge explosion at fertilizer plant in TX
An enormous explosion at fertilizer plant in West, TX happened a short while ago and there are reports of dozens of injuries and damage to structures in the area. EMS teams have set up triage ...
jan4insight 04/17/2013 63 55 - -
Heads up for PWB people: Recall on certain brands of natural pet food
Update: The recall affects dry foods for cats, dogs, and ferrets. See below the squiggle for link to the specific brands that are recalled. I just received an alert on a recall of the following ...
jan4insight 03/19/2013 14 27 - -
ON NOW: The Stones, Springsteen, others in Sandy Benefit Concert!
No time to explain, go to this link: and get watching! (Springsteen opened, and the Stones are coming later ... omfg, be still my heart! ;D ) 5:34 PM PT : There's ...
jan4insight 12/12/2012 105 17 - -
Kos Katalogue: Shop Jan4insight Handmades, and help a diabetic pootie! (updated x2)
Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 12:13 PM PT : UPDATE 2: Well, things are never that simple. LuvLee is spending the day (I hope only the day) at the pootie hospital, so they can get her rehydrated & fed & give ...
jan4insight 12/04/2012 24 44 1 -
UPDATED x3 w links: Man linked to VA GOP arrested in destruction of voter forms!
Thanks for keeping this going, folks. Updates are the top; I've moved the original diary and Update 1 down below the squiggle. Update 3: Many of us have noticed the Rovian smell of these voter-...
jan4insight 10/18/2012 164 497 6 -
Poll: How nice are my towels? What I learned from my Community Fundraising diary, with pooties.
What a week it’s been. Those who’ve been following my comments know that I’ve had a big struggle regarding serious leaks in my laundry room, and raising the money needed for proper repairs. ...
jan4insight 05/20/2012 46 27 - 316
Plea for help: I need to raise funds for roof repair *Updated*
I need to raise $700 to fix my roof. I’ve been posting this plea for help in comments on the PWB diaries for the past week. Thanks to the good PWB folks, I’ve accumulated about $145 towards that ...
jan4insight 05/17/2012 247 45 1 805
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