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Future sock puppet
I have to give up this ID. It's complex, but I got busted. The joy, and sometimes ire here, is in part, in the anonymity of this place. You get to have discussions here that are unique. I set up a ...
lh114 04/09/2010 32 6 - 25
Anwar al-Awlaki: Please define American - Specifically.
I had a fair amount of passive experience with immigration law in the '80s. My understanding from that time, is no native-born American citizen can ever have dual citizenship (unless your parents ...
lh114 04/07/2010 38 2 - 86
Whither McCain's Odious Internet Bill? (title changed per request)
I'm a doctor not an IT person but I believe an almost infinite number of technical problems are possible and I know I understand very few of them. With that said, I have a very hard time logging ...
lh114 01/17/2010 22 3 - 11
Domestic Violence as a Joke?
This will be brief. My basic understanding of the Tiger Woods story is that his neighbor called 911 because he was lying on the ground outside his car immobile and that his back car window was ...
lh114 12/04/2009 51 4 - 21
Joe Lieberman's wife?
Let me say up front that every time I see Joe on television, he makes my skin crawl. His hypocritical, creepy, soft spoken ooze is more than I can usually bare. Ok, with that said, I know he ...
lh114 11/20/2009 33 17 - 49
Everyone, including Rep. Brown should know of LIFENET.
I was just watching congressman Brown on the ED Show telling people they should get treatment for major depressive disorder by going to the Emergency Room. People who are suicidal should go to ...
lh114 10/02/2009 1 5 - 48
Tylenol may finally get a warning label
I just saw the title "FDA may put restrictions on TYLENOL... " on Drudge report This is the link from Drudge This is truly great news. ...
lh114 07/01/2009 170 7 1 23
An answer to Joe Scarborough: why spending money on healthcare saves money.
The reason spending money on healthcare saves money, is by insuring the uninsured, hospitals and physician would be getting paid close to 100% on their billing. Presently, (from the last figures I ...
lh114 06/22/2009 19 12 - 33
Cheney has moved the Overton window on torture.
From Nate Silver at 538 at the end of April: Although many people regard torture as a moral absolute, for others (perhaps most others) it is more of a sliding scale: certain types of ...
lh114 05/21/2009 41 22 - 39
updated: Cheney didn't know about Al Qaeda but ABC's 20/20 did?
I remember this. I can't embed the clip but I can put in the link. Back in 1998 John Miller, a former crime reporter for NBC news, later a 20/20 correspondent and now I believe an FBI official, ...
lh114 04/21/2009 23 16 - 29
DNR/DNI vs. "advance directives" as seen on House
For those who don't do this regularly or have had to deal with it, DNR/DNI stands for "do not resuscitate/do not intubate." They are some of the primary issues of treatment addressed in advance ...
lh114 03/22/2009 48 7 1 39
A brief point that truly no one cares about.
Jonathan Swift's tombstone reads in latin "here lies Jonathan Swift... where savage indignation can not lacerate the heart." I'm putting this out there only because for the past week we have been ...
lh114 03/05/2009 29 17 - 26
Bring back the usury laws!
If the republicans are obsessed with putting "more money in people's pockets" and "bringing down the deficit," why don't we decrease the amount credit cards are allowed to charge in interest? We ...
lh114 02/20/2009 38 29 - 18
How to make the best Pasta ever.
i don't know if anyone does cooking diaries here anymore. i haven't seen one in a while. I always thought this was worth sharing because I learned it by rumor and I know no one else who does this.
lh114 02/01/2009 77 16 11 33
Why can't we break up the banks?
Please excuse the short diary, but I can't find anyone discussing this anywhere. I think I am becoming obsessed with this question and so far can't get a reasonable answer as to why this is a bad ...
lh114 01/27/2009 57 3 - 2
The appearance of mistakes
I've watched the punditry for the past day about GWB's last press conference and no one seems to have noticed what he chose to call his great mistakes. No one has mentioned the quality of those ...
lh114 01/13/2009 15 5 1 2
"Immoral" Organ transplant: response to the comments.
There is a piece on the rec list about the fact that people without insurance are less likely to get organs than to donate. Does this suck? Yes. The diary tells a true story. Some of the comments ...
lh114 11/17/2008 59 19 - 15
Wall Street rant with some tin foil
I'm listening to Paulson right now, and the biggest problem for Pres-elect Obama will be to fight for control of this country from the newly emerging oligarchy on Wall street. As of 2 years ago,
lh114 11/12/2008 11 10 - 3
I had to file a provisional ballot! I'm PISSED OFF!
I live in NYC so I'm just angry. If I lived in a swing state I'd be really freak out. I changed my voting address months ago and got a card from the board of elections saying they had moved me ...
lh114 11/04/2008 38 19 - 7
Is Ground Zero a Pro-America area?
I love visiting "Pro-America areas of this great nation" -Sarah Palin This was the banner on the huffingtonpost today. I have had an anger burgeoning over the past few months that may be turning ...
lh114 10/17/2008 22 15 - 4
McCain's glee over 6 points down.
"We are 6 points down.... The media has written us off.... My friends, we've got them just where we want them." - John McCain, gleefully, at a rally earlier today (Oct 13th). This weird quote ...
lh114 10/13/2008 32 4 - 8
SEC to lift the ban on short selling
I am not an economist. I have a good sense of math and a doctoral degree, but not in economics. So, feel free to say what I'm saying makes no sense; but if you do, please explain why this is a good ...
lh114 10/03/2008 31 2 - 2
In support of Tweety
I, like a lot of people here have had problems with Tweety. But what stands out to me and makes me always want to hear what he says is his poetic Welsh soul. Ater the debate Tweety became enraged ...
lh114 09/26/2008 60 10 - -
Will McDrama show up late to the debate?
Anyone want to bet that McCain shows up late tonight? This is would be classic McCain. It would be very splashy, and though we would feel he looked like a dramatic asshat, McCain would think it ...
lh114 09/26/2008 29 1 - -
Letting Palin be loved
This morning 538 makes an important tactical point. The title is: Dems Must Give Voters Explicit Permission To Like Palin here's ...
lh114 09/15/2008 30 7 1 -
Andrew Sullivan asks if we are being played by Rove.
I saw this on Andrew Sullivan today and I have to say it resonated with me. He and his reader believe the netroots are being played. ...
lh114 09/12/2008 83 43 2 21
Palin on stage at her church w/video. Are they talking about the end of the world?
This video was on Andrew Sullivan today: I can only place the link below the video (sorry, technical problem.) There is a lot to talk about in these two videos but the most striking thing to me was ...
lh114 09/05/2008 61 19 2 2
Carly Fiorina tells gossip columnist of secret mission
My mate asked me to read a piece in the New York Post. This doesn't happen very often. In fact it has never happened. The sole reason for reading the post is the Sudoku puzzle on the train. I ...
lh114 09/02/2008 42 14 - -
McCain's arrogance. Is he above the law?
A lot of people are complaining about Sarah Palin. Some feel insulted by the choice as it appears disrespectful to women. People have spoken about how McCain's lack of knowledge of her ...
lh114 08/30/2008 8 3 - 4
Where did McCain's $50 lettuce video go? w/ poll
Ok, I don't know much about embedded video but.. Earlier today I posted a comment here with a video off Jed Report showing McSame arguing with someone about whether Americans were willing to pick ...
lh114 08/22/2008 26 2 - 10
identifying with the aggressor
This is a short diary but I want to put this out there and hear what others think. I keep looking at the polls and all I can think of is "Identifying with the aggressor." For those who aren't ...
lh114 08/20/2008 6 2 - 1
I lost my diary. It was a question. Updated.
Somehow, I published my dairy and the only person who could see it was me (because I put a "tips flames" up which showed up in my comment.) So here it is, sort of; anyway, this was my question: ...
lh114 07/29/2008 43 3 - -
Doctors and suicide
I'm writing this diary because the other day I wrote a comment in a diary here and was shocked by the intensity of what I posted. (It wasn't rude or anything, I copied it below the fold.) Then ...
lh114 07/08/2008 44 18 3 29
Subliminal Reporting?
Andrew Sullivan has a video clip on his site of a Fox reporter interviewing Obama. It's really bizarre. ...
lh114 06/28/2008 3 2 - -
Pawlenty to be GOP VP as per Andrew Sullivan
On Chris Mathew's show this am Andrew Sullivan said the decision had already been made that Pawlenty would be the Republican's VP choice. Below the fold are excerpts from a June 20th article in the ...
lh114 06/22/2008 91 4 - 19
blogger liability
I have a question; I realize this may be a bit neurotic, but some professions are inundated with rumors and issues of legal liability; so, in that context, I may have lost my mind, but I need ...
lh114 06/18/2008 21 5 - 2
McCain's navy record
I think the Main Stream Media needs to put pressure on the McCain campaign to have his Navy records released. There is a piece on Huffpost today discussing the May 29th front page article in the ...
lh114 06/17/2008 99 11 - 18
Obama knew what he said
This is just something that has annoyed me for a while and in light of todays New York Times piece about age I thought I would clarify the quote. From the NYT today (Mr. Obama himself in ...
lh114 06/15/2008 50 23 - 30
I have an idea.
People have been polarized about whether Clinton should be asked to be VP. Personally I haven't loved the idea of her as VP but I think I have an idea that would solve the problem. Barack ...
lh114 06/03/2008 15 2 - -
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