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Paul Davis, House Democratic Leader for the State of Kansas is one of those politicians who says what he thinks.   Sometimes that works as an advantage.  Sometimes, it creates a little bit of a tempest.   A few days ago, Paul posted up the official prayer list for the State of Kansas entering the lent season.

He left this comment:

As we embark upon Lent, please take a moment to read and share this. Governor Brownback's Capitol spiritual leader (who leads a weekly Bible study in the Governor's office and a monthly Saturday church service on the 2nd floor of the Capitol) has issued a new prayer list. The quality of this image is bad, but under "Intercessor's Challenges" the top request is to "target prayer for dark spiritual areas of Southeast Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas City Kansas, and North Johnson County."

This is truly offensive. As a lifelong resident of Lawrence, I can say firsthand that it is a place rooted deeply in spirituality, where caring for your neighbors is BOTH practiced and preached.

Do you think it a coincidence that all of these "dark" areas are represented by Democrats in the Kansas Legislature?

PS - Interesting that the second to last prayer request under Intercessor's Challenges is for the restructuring of the Kansas judicial system (a major component of Governor Brownback's 2013 agenda).

I'm not exactly sure how the Governor manages to go to work each day.  Knowing that he governs a state where "Dark spiritual areas" exist, it's got to be rough.  

Kansas is still working on KS 2253 (diaried here: which moves to basically outlaw abortion and make women potentially financially liable to the bio-dad for her decision, and Brownback is still working on stacking up the courts (his last note in the letter).

That may help "lighten" those dark areas of the state that have helped elect Democrats in the past.

There are other options, we're on quite the legislative roll.   While HB2253 gets lots of attention for it's egregious attack on rights, it's not the only one.

Conservative lawmakers in Topeka are bullying labor unions. Sadly, they are acting like hired thugs for large corporate interests that finance their campaigns.

Using names such as "Paycheck Protection Act," conservative lawmakers are carrying water for Americans for Prosperity and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

The act would prohibit automatic payroll deductions for union dues that fund political activities.

In other words — let's pass laws to mute our political foes. One chamber lobbyist admitted, in a moment of rare candor, that he wanted the bill to pass to "get rid of public sector unions."

Disappointingly, lawmakers in Topeka — including our own Rep. Kasha Kelley and Sen. Steve Abrams — appear happy to oblige.

Worse, lawmakers are considering stripping away the collective bargaining rights of public employees, including teachers.

That would mean school districts, for instance, could refuse to negotiate with the local teachers association.

Before Kelley, Abrams, Brownback, et al., shove this down the public's throat, they might listen to Arkansas City and Winfield school superintendents.

So, we can move on and bust unions.   That may help the governor.

But, it is still not enough.  The list just keeps on growing, as Kansas moved to become one of the first states to legalize discrimination

Members of both parties joined together in the House on the 89-27 vote, according to the Lawrence Journal-World. If the Senate follows suit and Governor Sam Brownback signs the bill, as he has indicted, then anyone could opt out of anti-discrimination laws that protect gays and lesbians by claiming they violate their "religious freedom."

For example, an employer could fire someone if they discovered the employee was gay. Or a landlord could kick a renter out of their home. The religious exemption extends past places of business to universities, where students or instructors could opt out of a school's anti-discrimination policy.

11:05 AM PT: For those that Asked

The Capitol Commission is a nonprofit group based in Raleigh, N.C., with a mission of reaching the “capitol community for Christ, one person at a time.”

Capital Commission receives invites from Governments to speak in them.  In Kansas, it reaches to the highest level as they hold service in the capital and the minister specifically tends to the governor, etc.   Which they note.   But the Capital Commission continues to expand.

Soon, in Michigan and Tennessee.

Two More States to be Served by CC

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Location: Michigan and Tennessee

Scott Hummel and Dennis Kiser are going to continue to lead Bible Studies in Michigan and Tennessee Capitols but they will now be doing it as state directors for Capitol Commission. Go to these two state ministry pages to read the biographies of these two godly men.

Originally posted to tmservo433 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 04:58 AM PST.

Also republished by Street Prophets and Kansas & Missouri Kossacks.

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