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It's easy to be extremely cynical about the political process and its ability to make the lives of the 99% actually better. But every once in a while an everyday citizen works really hard to advocate for things that make this world a little better, and with the help of others, is able to do just that.

I am talking about of course, our own David Waldman, aka Kagro X, who has worked tirelessly to help end the abusive, undemocratic filibuster. Just a few years ago the thought of reforming the filibuster was scoffed at as impossible, well outside the Overton Window of polite political discussion...and yet, after many setbacks, the 60 vote threshold to end debate on executive nominations besides the Supreme Court was ended today. And that is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully the beginning of the end of the filibuster.

So seriously David, thanks a lot, not only for your tireless work ending the destructive filibuster, but helping restore some faith in the political process. Might I suggest gerrymandering as your next project?

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